AIRM Viewer S

The AIRM Viewer provides a simplified HTML view of the ATM Information Reference Model (AIRM).


This lists the terms and definitions from the source documents that were used to build the AIRM. For example, it includes terms from ICAO annexes and docs, the WMO and European Regulations. Terms and Abbreviations form the Contextual Model.


This lists the abbreviations used in the AIRM. Terms and Abbreviations form the Contextual Model.

Conceptual Model

This provides a reference of information entities and relationships relevant to the ATM operational discourse. It is intended for use by operational experts. It can be used, for example, in disambiguating terms used in operational documents and developing information exchange requirements.

Logical Model

This provides a reference model of data concepts for service architects and system implementers. It contains the entities necessary to model the shared information of ATM. It can be used in order to construct “derived” logical data models and, indeed, exchange models or physical data models. As such, it can be used to create a model that can be used to build services and operations.