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The AIRM is the Air Traffic Management reference vocabulary.  It constitutes the knowledge on information and data that is exchanged within the ATM community. 

Using the AIRM promotes semantic interoperability - the ability to exchange information with unambiguous, shared meaning.  The AIRM therefore serves a role in the overall interoperability improvements achieved by SWIM.

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Using the vocabulary given in the AIRM facilitates the unambiguous understanding of information in different contexts. The AIRM:

  • supports interoperability in SWIM by facilitating semantic alignment;
  • facilitates consistency of information exchange models with ICAO provisions;
  • provides a common and harmonised reference of the operational language;
  • provides an integrated and formalized reference across ICAO documents (annexes, manuals, etc.); and
  • complements and supports the information exchange models in a consistent manner.

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The AIRM is a reference. You can improve your systems by ensuring that your interfaces exchange AIRM conformant data.

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We encourage you to find the way of using the AIRM that suits you. For most, using the AIRM search will be the fastest and most natural way to access the AIRM contents. Others will prefer to develop applications that access the AIRM via the AIRM API. And some of the most experienced users will rather download the AIRM sparx file.

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There is no predefined timeline, the AIRM is updated based on change requests. However, releases are announced in advance as soon as the Change Control Board foresees them.

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No skill is required to use the AIRM in its simplest way: Search in the AIRM to find ATM terms and definitions. The AIRM can be used in may ways, some of them may require you to be familiar with data modelling concepts like Class and property, but if you are targeting those usages for sure you are familiar with those concepts. 

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The AIRM is not an information exchange model – it says nothing about how to encode information. This need is met by the community driven information exchange models.

A number of exchange models (-XMs) already compatible with the AIRM are available. AIXM and FIXM have been mapped to the AIRM and therefore, by using them you ensure semantic correspondence with the AIRM.

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The AIRM is a reference. You can submit a request to update the AIRM with your concepts. From a web form to submit feedback quickly, to a powerful template where you can elaborate, there are many ways to submit a change request.

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The AIRM was finalised by an international team of experts on the ICAO Information Management Panel (IMP). The inputs to the final development came from Europe’s SESAR programme and the USA’s NEXTGEN, where many years of development provided a harmonised AIRM.

The AIRM is managed by a change control board, the AIRM CCB,  that is open to all members of the ATM community.

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The AIRM is available for free.

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By joining the AIRM CCB you ensure that the needs of your business are properly voiced. As a first step, joining the AIRM community is recommended.

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The AIRM complements similar standards from other aviation organisations. The Airport Council International (ACI) develops the Aviation Community Recommended Information Services (ACRIS) Semantic Model which is used to set standards for information and data exchange in the airport domain. Within the airline community, IATA develops the Airline Industry Data Model (AIDM) as a common point of reference to store airline industry-agreed vocabulary, data definitions and their relationships. The models share much in common and the three communities discuss best practices
with each other. 

The AIRM is considered as a global reference for the ATM vocabulary. ICAO PANS-IM refers the AIRM as a structural component of SWIM. Changes to the AIRM are coordinated with the ICAO Air Navigation Commission Information Management Panel (IMP).

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