Using the AIRM

Who uses the AIRM?

The AIRM supports different users such as:

  • information architects
  • service architects
  • operational experts
  • standard developing organisations

More about users

Using the AIRM as a source of terms and definitions

Operational experts may find the AIRM useful when looking for exact terms and definitions. Use the AIRM Search to find terms, abbreviations, definitions and much more.

Regulations, recommended practices, etc.
ICAO's Global Air Navigation Plan requires the AIRM
SWIM Manual
ICAO's SWIM Manual details the AIRM and usage scenarios
EU's PCP requires compliance with the AIRM

Creating Message Payloads using the AIRM

Following a top-down approach, users may find the AIRM useful to create service message payload definitions. The Conceptual Model provides a pool of concepts where operational experts will be able fo find the concepts they would like to see exchanged in their operational descriptions.

Thanks to the existing traceability between the Logical Model and the Conceptual Model, information and service architects can identify which classes and properties in the logical model realise the concepts identified in the previous phase by the operational experts.

Finally, information and service architecs may decide to create a physical derived model that they can use in the specification of the service message payloads. These payloads - as any model derived from the AIRM - would be semantically unambiguous, thanks to their reuse of the AIRM constructs, the reference vocabulary.

Making your Message Payload conformant with the AIRM vocabulary

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Following a bottom-up approach, information and service architects may find the AIRM useful as a reference vocabulary.

You can make your service message payloads conformant with the AIRM vocabulary by mapping each construct in your payloads to an AIRM concept in the Logical Model.

Service development and deployment
MET-GATE services
Those using IWXXM are promoting the semantic correspondence to the AIRM
Coflight Cloud services
Semantic correspondence to the AIRM
Standards and specifications
ED-254 - Arrival Sequence Service Performance Standard
Data model has semantic correspondence established with AIRM
EUROCONTROL Specification for Airspace Management (ASM) Support System Requirements supporting the ASM processes at local and FAB level
Annex F contains semantic correspondence with the AIRM
EUROCONTROL Specification for SWIM Information Definition
Used within the semantic correspondence requirements
EUROCONTROL Specification for SWIM Service Description
Requires a conformance statement with the AIRM
Information exchange models
IWXXM 3.0.0
Semantic correspondence report in development.
AIXM 5.1.1
Semantic correspondence report in review.
FIXM 4.2.0
Semantic correspondence report in development.
AMXM 2.0.0
Semantic correspondence report in review.

Using the AIRM resources in research

Researchers in diverse fields may find the AIRM useful from different perspectives: 

  • Operational experts will find the contextual and conceptual models useful to identify terms, abbreviations and definitions.
  • Service and Information architects may find useful the Logical Model and the traceability to the Conceptual Model, when working in their field.
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Research projects
EATMA Information Elements in EATMA should be aligned with the AIRM. EATMA has a process for feeding new requirements to the AIRM
BEST The BEST project used the AIRM in its semantic technologies
PACAS The PACAS projects used the AIRM as the vocabulary in its natural language processors
Research papers
The Aeronautical Journal
Semantics-based summarisation of ATM information: Managing information overload in pilot briefings using semantic data containers
IEEE Ontology-based data description and discovery in a SWIM environment
IEEE AIRM-based, fine-grained semantic filtering of notices to airmen
IEEE The SESAR ATM information reference model within the new ATM system

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