Semantic Interoperability

What is semantic interoperability?

As the ATM community adopts the use of the AIRM as its common vocabulary, semantic interoperability across the ATM network improves.

Semantic interoperability is the “ability of computer systems and organisations to exchange data with unambiguous, shared meaning” [ICAO SWIM Controlled Vocabulary].

It concerns the “precise meaning of exchanged information” ensuring it “is preserved and understood by all parties” as it travels through the end-to-end data chain (from the point of origin to the point of destination) [European Interoperability Framework (EIF)]

Semantic interoperabilty for organisations

The AIRM vocabulary can be used as:

  • The standardised and reusable information elements for the identification and description of the information exchange requirements between information providers and consumers in process models
  • The base for an ATM domain model
  • A (semantic) reference for coordination between ATM domains and linking models from different ATM domains
  • The reference for the definition of the message content (information content) of a standardised interface between functional blocks of an ATM system
  • An input to global standardisation efforts

Semantic interoperabilty for systems

This ability enables services and systems to combine and process information received from many different sources.

Semantic interoperabilty for services

SWIM relies on interoperable services as the means to exchange information. This means that semantic interoperability must be considered by service developments.

An example of an interoperable service based upon international standards and modelling notations is the Aerodrome Mapping Information Service (AMIS). This service allows a consumer to access and download aerodrome map data in a format consistent with the EUROCAE specification. In addition, a second service, the Aeronautical Information Feature Service (AIFS), also makes use of a model that has been shown to be compliant with the AIRM: AIXM 5.1.

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