The members of the Air Traffic Management (ATM) community must share and exchange information in order to perform their function. The community has adopted the System Wide Information Management (SWIM) concept that uses services to exchange information.


SWIM is about connecting ATM stakeholders, ensuring that the information are made available to all those who need them via interoperable information services and distributed systems. 

Information aspects

The information exchanged between the stakeholders needs to be defined in order to be correctly understood by and encoded in such a way as to be correctly used by the service consumer.

The AIRM is the selected ATM system-wide reference vocabulary for defining ATM information. 

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The AIRM therefore serves a role in the overall interoperability improvements achieved by SWIM.

The use of the AIRM as a common reference will help ensure the harmonisation of derived models. This, in turn, will help reduce the costs in implementing an information sharing environment. This will benefit existing domains (such as the Aeronautical Information Services) and newly identified ATM services and communities of interest.

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