AIRM Change Management


The AIRM is managed by the AIRM Change Control Board. It is open to all members of the ATM community. The AIRM CCB is entrusted with the role of making decisions on how changes to the AIRM are handled. It is supported by a Support Office that manages the day-to-day administration of the AIRM.

How to Join

If you would like to find out about the AIRM CCB, including how to join, please contact us.


The change management process involves a variety of stakeholders with different priorities, interests and viewpoints. It is a principle to aim to reach decisions that take account of these viewpoints in a manner that is both fair and effective. Changes to the AIRM are coordinated with the ICAO Air Navigation Commission Information Management Panel (IMP).

Why Join?

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Becoming an AIRM CCB member allows you to help guide the AIRM so that it continues to be effective for you and the wider AIRM community.

Release Schedule

The AIRM has to be both stable and flexible. These seemingly contradictory needs mean that the release schedule is always evolving based on proposed and accepted changes rather than by a predefined timeline.

Releases themselves are of three types:

  • Major - This means that a significant part of the AIRM has been changed. The change means that the new AIRM may not be compatible with earlier versions.
  • Minor - This means that the AIRM has been evolved in a way that it remains compatible with earlier versions.
  • Maintenance - This means that bugs and minor updates have taken place.
Announced Releases

A public announcement will be made via this website and via the AIRM Community to registered stakeholders ahead of any release (maintenance, minor and major).

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