AIRM Change Request


Change requests for the AIRM are submitted and managed on the AIRM Community Area. 

Who can submit a Change Request?

Any registered member of the AIRM Community Area can submit a change request. The requestor can act on behalf of one or more stakeholders.

Details on joining the AIRM Community Area can be found here.

What happens after I submit a Change Request?

The AIRM CCB Support Office receives the AIRM Change Requests and checks whether they contain enough information to be processed. They may then organise AIRM Technical Sessions where any AIRM Community Member can participate to discuss and improve a given AIRM Change Request. Once ready, the proposal is submitted to the AIRM CCB for decision.

How can I submit my request?

At the moment, change requests are submitted using the template available on the AIRM Community Area. 

The AIRM Change Request Template

The template is self-explanatory. You will be asked to give a short title for the change request and a description of the desired change.

If you have a proposal to address the change you can add it. If not, a technical session can be organised to work on a proposal.

Once you have completed the template upload it to the Community Area.

A generic square placeholder image with rounded corners in a figure.

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