The ATM Information Reference Model (AIRM)

The reference vocabulary for defining air traffic management information


What is the AIRM?

The ATM Information Reference Model (AIRM) is the ATM system-wide reference vocabulary for defining ATM information. 

How do I get started?

We encourage you to find the way of using the AIRM that suits you:

Use the AIRM Search, the fastest and most natural way to find terms, definitions and abbreviations.

Develop software applications that access the AIRM via the web API.

The full AIRM model is available as a download  (Sparx file) for experienced users.


Start using the AIRM

Choose one of the following options to start using the AIRM

AIRM Search

Find the ATM term and definition that you are looking for. This is the easiest way for diving into the AIRM.


Collaborate and contribute to the evolution of the ATM Information Reference Model. Join us now!


Learn about the AIRM, its components, how to use it and much more. You will find detailed documentation on many topics.


Advanced users will find the resources they are looking for here. Advanced Search, API, downloads, and more.