The European Supplement


The European Supplement elaborates the main content of the AIRM by bringing in terms and definitions from European Union regualtions and SESAR deliverable. Furthermore, it contains:

  • the AIRM Constraints Model that provides the constraints thathave an impact on the AIRM Conceptual Model and/or the AIRM Logical Model.
  • the Environment subject dealing with gaseous and noise emissions.

Content Structure

The European Supplement follows the same structure as the main content.

The AIRM Constraints Model (like other parts of the AIRM contains constraints that are business driven and not domain specific. A model derived from the AIRM is expected to at least respect these constraints, but may choose to implement more stringent constraints.

The AIRM Constraints Model is represented using UML and structured English using the Semantics Of Business Vocabulary and Rules (SBVR) and its AIRM/ATM adaption. Its structure reflects the AIRM Conceptual Model and AIRM Logical Model in order to ensure that the AIRM Constraints are easy to find.

Rulebook (European Supplement)

The AIRM contains a European supplement to which additional European rules contained in this document apply. The European rules come on top of the AIRM rules contained in the AIRM rulebook. Applying the European rules implies applying the global rules first.


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