AIXM 5.1.1 to AIRM 1.0.0

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Information Concept Data Concept Definition Type
AerialRefuelling - A procedure used by the military to transfer fuel from one aircraft to another during flight. -
UomWeightType TON Non-metric US short ton (2000 ob or 907.18474 kg). string
UomWeightType T Tonne (metric). string
UomWeightType OTHER Other string
UomWeightType LB Pound. string
UomWeightType KG Kilogram. string
UomTemperatureType OTHER Other string
UomTemperatureType K Degrees Kelvin. string
UomTemperatureType F Degrees Fahrenheit. string
UomTemperatureType C Degrees Celsius. string
UomSpeedType OTHER Other string
UomSpeedType MPH Miles per hour. string
UomSpeedType MACH Mach number. string
UomSpeedType M_SEC Metres per second. string
UomSpeedType M_MIN Metres per minute. string
UomSpeedType KT Knots. string
UomSpeedType KM_H Kilometres per hour. string
UomSpeedType FT_SEC Feet per second. string
UomSpeedType FT_MIN Feet per minute. string
UomPressureType TORR mm of mercury (mmHg). string
UomPressureType PSI Pounds per square inch. string
UomPressureType PA Pascal (Pa) string
UomPressureType OTHER Other string
UomPressureType MPA Mega Pascal. string
UomPressureType HPA Hectopascal. string
UomPressureType BAR 100000 Pascals (Pa). string
UomPressureType ATM Standard Atmosphere. string
UomLightIntensityType OTHER Other string
UomLightIntensityType CD Candela, the base unit of luminous intensity. string
UomFrequencyType OTHER Other string
UomFrequencyType MHZ MegaHertz string
UomFrequencyType KHZ KiloHertz string
UomFrequencyType HZ Hertz string
UomFrequencyType GHZ GigaHertz string
UomFLType SM Standard meters (tens of meters). string
UomFLType OTHER Other string
UomFLType FL Flight level in hundreds of feet. string
UomDurationType SEC Seconds. string
UomDurationType OTHER Other string
UomDurationType MIN Minutes. string
UomDurationType HR Hours. string
UomDistanceVerticalType SM Standard meters (tens of meters). string
UomDistanceVerticalType OTHER Other string
UomDistanceVerticalType M Meters. string
UomDistanceVerticalType FT Feet. string
UomDistanceVerticalType FL Flight level in hundreds of feet. string
UomDistanceType OTHER Other string
UomDistanceType NM Nautical miles. string
UomDistanceType MI Statute Mile string
UomDistanceType M Metres. string
UomDistanceType KM Kilometres. string
UomDistanceType FT Feet. string
UomDistanceType CM Centimetre. string
UomDepthType OTHER Other string
UomDepthType MM Millimetre. string
UomDepthType IN Inches. string
UomDepthType FT Feet. string
UomDepthType CM Centimetre. string
CodeYesNoBaseType YES Yes. string
CodeYesNoBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeYesNoBaseType NO No. string
CodeWorkAreaBaseType SURFACEWORK The work area is used for surface improvements. string
CodeWorkAreaBaseType PARKED Parked or disabled aircraft or machinery. string
CodeWorkAreaBaseType OTHER The work area is used for other activities. string
CodeWorkAreaBaseType CONSTRUCTION The work area is used for construction. Used for AMDB (DO272/ED99) Construction Area. string
CodeWakeTurbulenceBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeWakeTurbulenceBaseType MEDIUM Medium wake turbulence. string
CodeWakeTurbulenceBaseType LOW Low wake turbulence. string
CodeWakeTurbulenceBaseType HIGH High wake turbulence. string
CodeVORBaseType VOT VOR test facility string
CodeVORBaseType VOR Conventional VOR. string
CodeVORBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeVORBaseType DVOR Doppler VOR. string
CodeVisualDockingGuidanceBaseType SAFE_GATE A type of A-VDGS that uses an aircraft symbol on a display indicating the relative position along the centreline. string
CodeVisualDockingGuidanceBaseType SAFE_DOC Safe dock allows aircraft to park up to an accuracy of 10 cm using lasers to attain the aircraft's position. string
CodeVisualDockingGuidanceBaseType PAPA Parallax Aircraft Parking Aid consisting of a large grey/black box that uses the effect of perspective in order to indicate the relative position of the aircraft along the centreline. string
CodeVisualDockingGuidanceBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeVisualDockingGuidanceBaseType APIS Aircraft Positioning and Information System that shows azimuth information using a series of parallel and black bars which kink at their midpoint. string
CodeVisualDockingGuidanceBaseType AGNIS_STOP AGNIS system complemented with a simple stop light, on the side of the AGNIS display. string
CodeVisualDockingGuidanceBaseType AGNIS_PAPA Combined AGNIS and PAPA device. string
CodeVisualDockingGuidanceBaseType AGNIS Azimuth Guidance for Nose-In Stand, providing centreline guidance only by using two coloured lights mounted side by side. string
CodeVisualDockingGuidanceBaseType A_VDGS (Generic) Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System that features electronic displays which perform the functions of an AGNIS/PAPA installation, although with much greater accuracy. They may also provide collision avoidance from static objects. string
CodeVerticalStructureMaterialBaseType WOOD The hard, compact, fibrous substance of which the roots, trunks, and branches of trees and shrubs consist. Consists largely of secondary xylem, which forms the strengthening and water-transporting tissue of the plant. string
CodeVerticalStructureMaterialBaseType TREATED_TIMBER A timber that has been impregnated with chemicals (for example: creosote oil) to reduce damage from wood rot and/or insects. Often used for the portions of a structure that are likely to be in ongoing contact with soil and/or water. string
CodeVerticalStructureMaterialBaseType STONE Pieces of rock or mineral substance (other than metal) of definite form and size, usually artificially shaped, and used for some special purpose. Used, for example, for building, for paving, or in the form of a block, slab, or pillar set up as a memorial and/or a boundary-mark. string
CodeVerticalStructureMaterialBaseType STEEL Any of numerous artificially produced alloys of iron containing up to 3 per cent of other elements (including less than about 2.2 per cent carbon) and having great strength and malleability. Able to be tempered to many different degrees of hardness. Used for making tools, weapons, and/or machinery. string
CodeVerticalStructureMaterialBaseType SOD A usually square or oblong piece or slice of earth together with the grass growing on it. string
CodeVerticalStructureMaterialBaseType REINFORCED_CONCRETE Poured concrete containing steel bars or metal netting to increase its tensile strength. string
CodeVerticalStructureMaterialBaseType PRESTRESSED_CONCRETE Reinforced concrete in which internal stresses have been introduced to reduce potential tensile stress in the concrete resulting from loads. string
CodeVerticalStructureMaterialBaseType PLANT Plant material (for example: straw and/or tall coarse grass), possibly also containing the slices of soil to which the plant material is attached. For example, used in thatching or sodding a roof. string
CodeVerticalStructureMaterialBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeVerticalStructureMaterialBaseType MUD Constructed principally from mud applied to a structural scaffold of plant material (for example: wooden posts). Effective only in extremely dry climates and usually must be resurfaced on a regular basis (for example: yearly) otherwise the structure steadily disintegrates under the effect of weather. string
CodeVerticalStructureMaterialBaseType METAL Any of the class of substances that are characteristically lustrous, ductile, fusible, malleable solids and are good conductors of heat and electricity. For example, gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, tin, and certain alloys (as brass and bronze). string
CodeVerticalStructureMaterialBaseType MASONRY Building materials (for example: stone, brick, concrete, hollow-tile, concrete block, gypsum block, or other similar building units or materials and/or combination of the same) bonded together with mortar to form a structure (for example: a wall, a pier). string
CodeVerticalStructureMaterialBaseType IRON A malleable, magnetic, readily oxidizable metal which is a chemical element of the transition series, atomic number 26. (Symbol Fe) Occurs abundantly in certain ores and in meteorites, and is widely used, chiefly in alloys such as steel. string
CodeVerticalStructureMaterialBaseType GLASS A substance made by fusing soda and/or potash with other ingredients. Usually transparent, lustrous, hard, and brittle. string
CodeVerticalStructureMaterialBaseType FIBREGLASS Any material consisting of glass filaments woven into a textile or paper, or embedded in plastic, for use as a construction or insulation material. string
CodeVerticalStructureMaterialBaseType CONCRETE A heavy-duty building material made from a mixture of broken stone or gravel, sand, cement and water, that forms a stonelike mass on hardening. string
CodeVerticalStructureMaterialBaseType BRICK Clay kneaded, moulded, and baked or sun-dried, used as a building material. string
CodeVerticalStructureMaterialBaseType ALUMINIUM A light silvery ductile and malleable metal, not readily tarnished by air, which is a chemical element, atomic number 13. (Symbol Al) string
CodeVerticalStructureMaterialBaseType ADOBE_BRICK Brick made of adobe clay and straw, dried in the sun rather than by oven firing (as are standard bricks). Larger than standard bricks, adobe bricks require a type of clay that contains between 25 and 45 percent aluminium salts. string
CodeVerticalStructureMarkingBaseType VBANDS Markings painted as vertical bands. string
CodeVerticalStructureMarkingBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeVerticalStructureMarkingBaseType MONOCOLOUR Markings painted as a single colour. string
CodeVerticalStructureMarkingBaseType MARKERS Marks attached to cables or wires. string
CodeVerticalStructureMarkingBaseType HBANDS Markings painted as horizontal bands. string
CodeVerticalStructureMarkingBaseType FLAG Flag marked with chequered pattern. string
CodeVerticalStructureMarkingBaseType CHEQUERED Markings painted in a chequered pattern. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType WINDMILL_FARMS Windmill Farm. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType WINDMILL Windmill. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType WATER_TOWER Water tower. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType WATER_SYSTEM AirMAT: The components of a water system including pipes, fittings, fixtures, treatment plants, and so on. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType WASTEWATER_SYSTEM AirMAT: The components of a wastewater collection system including pipes, fittings, fixtures, treatment plants, collection locations, and so forth. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType WALL Wall. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType VEGETATION Vegetation. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType URBAN Urban Area string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType TREE Tree. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType TRANSMISSION_LINE Transmission Line. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType TRAMWAY Tramway. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType TOWER Tower. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType TETHERED_BALLOON Tethered balloon. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType TANK tank. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType STORM_SYSTEM AirMAT: The components of a storm drainage collection system including pipes, fittings, fixtures, and so on). string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType STADIUM Stadium. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType STACK Stack (smoke, industrial). string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType SPIRE Spire (steeple). string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType SIGN Sign. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType SALTWATER_SYSTEM AirMAT: The components of a salt water collection system. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType RIG Rig (oil rig). string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType REFINERY Refinery. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType POWER_PLANT Power plant. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType POLE Pole. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType NUCLEAR_REACTOR Nuclear reactor. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType NAVAID Navaid (navigation aid) string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType NATURAL_HIGHPOINT Natural high point. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType NATURAL_GAS_SYSTEM AirMAT: The components of a natural gas distribution system consisting of pipes, fittings, fixtures, and so on. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType MONUMENT Monument. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType LIGHTHOUSE Lighthouse. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType INDUSTRIAL_SYSTEM AirMAT: The components of an industrial waste collection system including pipes, fittings, fixtures, tanks, lagoons, and so on. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType HEAT_COOL_SYSTEM AirMAT: The components of a heating and cooling distribution system consisting of pipes, fittings, fixtures, and so on. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType GRAIN_ELEVATOR Grain elevator. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType GENERAL_UTILITY AirMAT: The components of utility system which are universal in use and purpose and do not belong to a specific utility string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType GATE Area of a fence which may be opened for passage through the fence or closed to prevent passage through the fence. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType FUEL_SYSTEM AirMAT: The components of a fuel distribution system consisting of pipes, fittings, fixtures, pumps, tanks, and so on string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType FENCE Fence. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType ELEVATOR Elevator. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType ELECTRICAL_SYSTEM AirMAT: The components of an electrical distribution system including cables, switches, devices, motors, transformers, and so on. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType ELECTRICAL_EXIT_LIGHT AirMAT: The components of an electrical exterior lighting system including cables, switches, devices, transformers, and so on. Does not include field, navaid, or approach lighting string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType DOME Dome. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType DAM Dam. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType CRANE Crane. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType COOLING_TOWER Cooling tower. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType CONTROL_TOWER Control tower. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType CONTROL_MONITORING_SYSTEM AirMAT: The components of an electronic monitoring and control system (EMCS) including cables, devices, and so on. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType COMPRESSED_AIR_SYSTEM AirMAT: The components of a compressed air system. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType CATENARY Catenary (wire). string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType CABLE_CAR Cable car. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType BUILDING Building. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType BRIDGE Bridge. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType ARCH Arch. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType ANTENNA Antenna. string
CodeVerticalStructureBaseType AG_EQUIP Agricultural Equipment string
CodeVerticalReferenceBaseType W84 The distance measured from the WGS84 ellipsoid. string
CodeVerticalReferenceBaseType STD The vertical distance is measured with an altimeter set to the standard atmosphere. string
CodeVerticalReferenceBaseType SFC The distance measured from the surface of the Earth (equivalent to AGL - Above Ground Level). string
CodeVerticalReferenceBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeVerticalReferenceBaseType MSL The distance measured from mean sea level (equivalent to altitude). string
CodeVerticalDatumBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeVerticalDatumBaseType NAVD88 North American Vertical Datum of 1988 string
CodeVerticalDatumBaseType EGM_96 (ICAO Doc 9674) Earth gravitational model 1996. ICAO recommended vertical datum. string
CodeVerticalDatumBaseType AHD Australian Height Datum string
CodeVASISBaseType VASIS Visual approach slope indicator system. string
CodeVASISBaseType TVASIS T-shaped VASIS string
CodeVASISBaseType TRCV Tri-colour visual approach slope indicator, normally a single light unit projecting three colours. string
CodeVASISBaseType PVASI Pulsating/steady burning visual approach slope indicator, normally a single light unit projecting two colours. string
CodeVASISBaseType PNI Alignment of elements system. string
CodeVASISBaseType PAPI Precision approach path indicator. string
CodeVASISBaseType OTHER Other type of visual approach slope indicator. string
CodeVASISBaseType OLS Optical landing system for strip decks and aircraft carriers (sometimes available on ground air bases for training purposes). string
CodeVASISBaseType LCVASI Low cost visual approach slope indicator: 3 sets of 4 white lights on 3 mounts usually on only one side of the runway. string
CodeVASISBaseType ILU A number of identical light units. string
CodeVASISBaseType HAPI Helicopter approach path indicator. string
CodeVASISBaseType AVASIS Abbreviated visual approach slow indicator system. string
CodeVASISBaseType ATVASIS Abbreviated TVASIS string
CodeVASISBaseType APAPI Abbreviated precision approach path indicator. string
CodeVASISBaseType 3B_VASIS 3 bar VASIS. string
CodeVASISBaseType 3B_AVASIS 3 bar AVASIS string
CodeVASISBaseType 3B_ATVASIS 3 bar ATVASIS. string
CodeValueInterpretationBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeValueInterpretationBaseType BELOW Lower than the value. string
CodeValueInterpretationBaseType AT_OR_BELOW Equal or lower than the value. string
CodeValueInterpretationBaseType AT_OR_ABOVE Equal or higher than the value. string
CodeValueInterpretationBaseType ABOVE Higher than the value. string
CodeUsageLimitationBaseType RESERV Exclusive usage (reservation). string
CodeUsageLimitationBaseType PERMIT Permission. string
CodeUsageLimitationBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeUsageLimitationBaseType FORBID Interdiction. string
CodeUsageLimitationBaseType CONDITIONAL Permission but with additional instructions. Failure to comply with the additional instructions invalidates the permission. string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType Z string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType Y string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType X string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType W string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType V string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType U string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType T string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType S string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType R string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType Q string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType P string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType O string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType N string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType M string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType L string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType K string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType J string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType I string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType H string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType G string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType F string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType E string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType D string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType C string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType B string
CodeUpperAlphaBaseType A string
CodeUnitDependencyBaseType PROVIDER In the provision of its services, the Unit uses the services of the RelatedUnit. string
CodeUnitDependencyBaseType OWNER The Unit is owned by (subordinated to) the RelatedUnit. string
CodeUnitDependencyBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeUnitDependencyBaseType ALTERNATE The RelatedUnit provide an alternate/replacement service to the current Unit. string
CodeUnitBaseType WAFC World area forecast centre. string
CodeUnitBaseType VDF VHF direction finding station. string
CodeUnitBaseType UIC Upper information centre. string
CodeUnitBaseType UDF UHF direction finding station. string
CodeUnitBaseType UAC Upper area control centre. string
CodeUnitBaseType TWR Aerodrome control tower. string
CodeUnitBaseType TRACON Terminal radar approach control. string
CodeUnitBaseType TAR Terminal area surveillance radar office/centre. string
CodeUnitBaseType SSR Secondary surveillance radar office/centre. string
CodeUnitBaseType SRA Surveillance radar approach office/centre. string
CodeUnitBaseType SMR Surface movement radar office. string
CodeUnitBaseType SMC Surface movement control office. string
CodeUnitBaseType SAR Search and rescue centre. string
CodeUnitBaseType RSC Rescue sub-centre. string
CodeUnitBaseType RCC Rescue co-ordination centre. string
CodeUnitBaseType RAFC Regional area forecast centre. string
CodeUnitBaseType RAD Radar unit/office. string
CodeUnitBaseType PAR Precision approach radar centre. string
CodeUnitBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeUnitBaseType OAC Ocean control centre. string
CodeUnitBaseType NOF International NOTAM office. string
CodeUnitBaseType MWO Meteorological watch office. string
CodeUnitBaseType MILOPS Planning/briefing office for military flight operations. string
CodeUnitBaseType MIL Military station/unit (or military office in general). string
CodeUnitBaseType MET Meteorological office. string
CodeUnitBaseType GCA Ground controlled approach systems office. string
CodeUnitBaseType FSS Flight service station. string
CodeUnitBaseType FIC Flight information centre. string
CodeUnitBaseType FCST Forecasting office. string
CodeUnitBaseType COM Communications office/centre. string
CodeUnitBaseType BS Commercial broadcasting station. string
CodeUnitBaseType BOF Briefing office (note: Note ICAO listed by nonetheless used.) string
CodeUnitBaseType ATSU Air traffic services unit. string
CodeUnitBaseType ATMU Air traffic management unit. string
CodeUnitBaseType ATFMU Air traffic flow management unit. string
CodeUnitBaseType ATCC Air traffic control centre. string
CodeUnitBaseType ARTCC Air route traffic control centre. string
CodeUnitBaseType ARO Aerodrome reporting office/ATS reporting office. string
CodeUnitBaseType APP_DEP Departures approach control office. string
CodeUnitBaseType APP_ARR Arrivals approach control office. string
CodeUnitBaseType APP Approach control office. string
CodeUnitBaseType AOF Aeronautical information services office. string
CodeUnitBaseType ALPS Alerting post. string
CodeUnitBaseType ADVC Advisory centre. string
CodeUnitBaseType ADSU Automatic dependent surveillance unit. string
CodeUnitBaseType ACC Area control centre. string
CodeTransponderBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeTransponderBaseType MODE_S Mode S provides multiple information formats to a selective interrogation. Each aircraft is assigned a fixed 24-bit address. (military and civilian)</para><para> Mode S, or mode select, despite also being called a transponder radar system replacement for Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System (ATCRBS), is actually a data packet protocol which can be used to augment ATCRBS transponder positioning equipment (radar and TCAS). Mode S is designed to fully interface with ATCRBS systems: mode S SSRs can interrogate ATCRBS transponders, and AIS-P transponders will also reply to older ATCRBS and TCAS interrogations. string
CodeTransponderBaseType MODE_C Mode C provides 4-digit octal code for aircraft's pressure altitude. (military and civilian) string
CodeTransponderBaseType MODE_5 Mode 5 provides a cryptographically secured version of Mode S and ADS-B GPS position. (military only) string
CodeTransponderBaseType MODE_4 Mode 4 provides a 3-pulse reply to crypto coded challenge. (military only) string
CodeTransponderBaseType MODE_3A Mode 3/A provides a 4-digit octal identification code for the aircraft, assigned by the air traffic controller. (military and civilian) string
CodeTransponderBaseType MODE_2 Mode 2 provides 4-digit octal unit code. (military only - set on ground for fighters, can be changed in flight by transport aircraft) string
CodeTransponderBaseType MODE_1 Mode 1 provides 2-digit 5-bit mission code. (military only - cockpit selectable) string
CodeTrajectoryBaseType STRAIGHT Straight. string
CodeTrajectoryBaseType PT Procedure Turn. string
CodeTrajectoryBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeTrajectoryBaseType HOLDING Holding. string
CodeTrajectoryBaseType BASETURN Base turn. string
CodeTrajectoryBaseType ARC Arc. string
CodeTLOFSectionBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeTLOFSectionBaseType EDGE TLOF edge. string
CodeTLOFSectionBaseType AIM Aiming point. string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC-9 UTC minus 9 hours. string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC-8 UTC minus 8 hours. string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC-7 UTC minus 7 hours. string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC-6 UTC minus 6 hours. string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC-5 UTC minus 5 hours. string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC-4 UTC minus 4 hours. string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC-3 UTC minus 3 hours. string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC-2 UTC minus 2 hours. string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC-12 UTC minus 12 hours. string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC-11 UTC minus 11 hours. string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC-10 UTC minus 10 hours. string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC-1 UTC minus 1 hour. string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC+9 UTC plus 9 hours. string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC+8 UTC plus 8 hours. string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC+7 UTC plus 7 hours. string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC+6 UTC plus 6 hours. string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC+5 UTC plus 5 hours string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC+4 UTC plus 4 hours string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC+3 UTC plus 3 hours string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC+2 UTC plus 2 hours. string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC+14 UTC plus 14 hours. string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC+13 UTC plus 13 hours. string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC+12 UTC plus 12 hours. string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC+11 UTC plus 11 hours. string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC+10 UTC plus 10 hours. string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC+1 UTC plus 1 hour. string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType UTC Co-ordinated Universal Time string
CodeTimeReferenceBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeTimeEventCombinationBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeTimeEventCombinationBaseType LATEST Latest. string
CodeTimeEventCombinationBaseType EARLIEST Earliest. string
CodeTimeEventBaseType SS Sunset string
CodeTimeEventBaseType SR Sunrise string
CodeTimeEventBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeTelecomNetworkBaseType SITA SITA network string
CodeTelecomNetworkBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeTelecomNetworkBaseType INTERNET The Internet is a worldwide, publicly accessible series of interconnected computer networks that transmit data by packet switching using the standard Internet Protocol (IP) string
CodeTelecomNetworkBaseType AMHS Aeronautical Message Handling System. A standard for aeronautical ground-ground communications (e.g. for the transmission of NOTAM, Flight Plans or Meteorological Data) based on X.400 profiles. It has been defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) string
CodeTelecomNetworkBaseType AFTN The data interchange in the AFS is performed by the Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network, AFTN. This is a message handling network running according to ICAO Standards documented in Annex 10 to the ICAO Convention string
CodeTelecomNetworkBaseType ADNS ARINC Data Network Service (retired Mar 2007) string
CodeTelecomNetworkBaseType ACARS Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System. A datalink system that enables ground stations (airports, aircraft maintenance bases, etc.) and commercial aircraft to communicate without voice using a datalink system. string
CodeTaxiwaySectionBaseType TWY_INT Taxiway intersections. string
CodeTaxiwaySectionBaseType RWY_INT Runway intersections. string
CodeTaxiwaySectionBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeTaxiwaySectionBaseType END Taxiway end. string
CodeTaxiwaySectionBaseType EDGE Edge. string
CodeTaxiwaySectionBaseType CL Centre line. string
CodeTaxiwayElementBaseType SHOULDER Intersection element - with a runway or with another taxiway. string
CodeTaxiwayElementBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeTaxiwayElementBaseType NORMAL The default/regular type. string
CodeTaxiwayElementBaseType INTERSECTION Intersection element - with a runway or with a taxiway. string
CodeTaxiwayElementBaseType HOLDING_BAY A defined area, on the side of a taxiway, where aircraft can be held, or bypassed, to facilitate efficient surface movement of aircraft. string
CodeTaxiwayBaseType TURN_AROUND Turn around. string
CodeTaxiwayBaseType STUB Stub taxiway. string
CodeTaxiwayBaseType PARALLEL Parallel taxiway. string
CodeTaxiwayBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeTaxiwayBaseType GND Ground taxiway. string
CodeTaxiwayBaseType FASTEXIT Rapid exit/turnoff taxiway. string
CodeTaxiwayBaseType EXIT Exit/turnoff taxiway. string
CodeTaxiwayBaseType BYPASS Bypass holding bay. string
CodeTaxiwayBaseType AIR Air taxiway. string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 9Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 9X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 99Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 99Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 99X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 98Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 98Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 98X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 97Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 97Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 97X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 96Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 96Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 96X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 95Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 95Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 95X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 94Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 94Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 94X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 93Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 93Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 93X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 92Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 92Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 92X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 91Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 91Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 91X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 90Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 90Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 90X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 8Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 8X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 89Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 89Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 89X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 88Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 88Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 88X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 87Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 87Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 87X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 86Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 86Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 86X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 85Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 85Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 85X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 84Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 84Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 84X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 83Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 83Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 83X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 82Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 82Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 82X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 81Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 81Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 81X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 80Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 80Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 80X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 7Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 7X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 79Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 79X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 78Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 78X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 77Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 77X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 76Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 76X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 75Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 75X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 74Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 74X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 73Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 73X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 72Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 72X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 71Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 71X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 70Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 70X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 6Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 6X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 69Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 69X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 68Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 68X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 67Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 67X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 66Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 66X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 65Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 65X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 64Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 64X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 63Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 63X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 62Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 62X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 61Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 61X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 60Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 60X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 5Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 5X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 59Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 59X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 58Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 58X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 57Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 57X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 56Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 56Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 56X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 56W string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 55Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 55Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 55X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 54Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 54Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 54X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 54W string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 53Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 53Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 53X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 52Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 52Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 52X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 52W string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 51Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 51Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 51X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 50Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 50Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 50X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 50W string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 4Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 4X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 49Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 49Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 49X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 48Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 48Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 48X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 48W string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 47Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 47Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 47X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 46Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 46Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 46X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 46W string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 45Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 45Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 45X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 44Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 44Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 44X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 44W string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 43Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 43Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 43X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 42Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 42Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 42X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 42W string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 41Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 41Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 41X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 40Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 40Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 40X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 40W string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 3Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 3X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 39Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 39Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 39X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 38Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 38Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 38X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 38W string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 37Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 37Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 37X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 36Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 36Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 36X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 36W string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 35Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 35Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 35X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 34Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 34Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 34X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 34W string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 33Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 33Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 33X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 32Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 32Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 32X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 32W string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 31Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 31Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 31X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 30Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 30Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 30X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 30W string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 2Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 2X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 29Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 29Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 29X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 28Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 28Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 28X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 28W string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 27Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 27Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 27X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 26Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 26Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 26X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 26W string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 25Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 25Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 25X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 24Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 24Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 24X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 24W string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 23Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 23Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 23X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 22Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 22Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 22X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 22W string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 21Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 21Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 21X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 20Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 20Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 20X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 20W string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 1Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 1X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 19Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 19Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 19X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 18Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 18Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 18X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 18W string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 17Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 17Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 17X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 16Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 16X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 15Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 15X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 14Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 14X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 13Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 13X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 12Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 12X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 126Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 126X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 125Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 125X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 124Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 124X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 123Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 123X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 122Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 122X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 121Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 121X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 120Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 120X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 11Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 11X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 119Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 119Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 119X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 118Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 118Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 118X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 117Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 117Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 117X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 116Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 116Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 116X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 115Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 115Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 115X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 114Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 114Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 114X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 113Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 113Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 113X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 112Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 112Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 112X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 111Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 111Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 111X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 110Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 110Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 110X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 10Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 10X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 109Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 109Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 109X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 108Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 108Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 108X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 107Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 107Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 107X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 106Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 106Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 106X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 105Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 105Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 105X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 104Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 104Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 104X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 103Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 103Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 103X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 102Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 102Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 102X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 101Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 101Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 101X string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 100Z string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 100Y string
CodeTACANChannelBaseType 100X string
CodeTAABaseType STRAIGHT_IN Straight-in string
CodeTAABaseType RIGHT_BASE Right base string
CodeTAABaseType OTHER Other string
CodeTAABaseType LEFT_BASE Left base string
CodeSystemActivationBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeSystemActivationBaseType ON_OR_OFF System changes between "ON" and "OFF", depending on the previous state. string
CodeSystemActivationBaseType ON System in status "on-line". string
CodeSystemActivationBaseType OFF System in status "off-line". string
CodeSurfacePreparationBaseType ROLLED Rolled. string
CodeSurfacePreparationBaseType RFSC Rubberised friction seal coat. string
CodeSurfacePreparationBaseType PFC Porous friction coat. string
CodeSurfacePreparationBaseType PAVED Paved. string
CodeSurfacePreparationBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeSurfacePreparationBaseType OILED Oiled. string
CodeSurfacePreparationBaseType NON_GROOVED This covers such items as 'APSHALT NON GROOVED' . string
CodeSurfacePreparationBaseType NATURAL Natural surface no treatment. string
CodeSurfacePreparationBaseType GROOVED Cut or plastic grooved. string
CodeSurfacePreparationBaseType GRADED Graded. string
CodeSurfacePreparationBaseType COMPACTED Compacted string
CodeSurfacePreparationBaseType AFSC Aggregate friction seal coat. string
CodeSurfaceConditionBaseType UNSAFE Unsafe for use. string
CodeSurfaceConditionBaseType POOR Poor. string
CodeSurfaceConditionBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeSurfaceConditionBaseType GOOD Good. string
CodeSurfaceConditionBaseType FAIR Fair. string
CodeSurfaceConditionBaseType DEFORMED Presenting deformations. string
CodeSurfaceCompositionBaseType WOOD Wood. string
CodeSurfaceCompositionBaseType WATER Water. string
CodeSurfaceCompositionBaseType STONE Stone. string
CodeSurfaceCompositionBaseType SNOW Snow. string
CodeSurfaceCompositionBaseType SAND Sand. string
CodeSurfaceCompositionBaseType PIERCED_STEEL Pierced steel planking. string
CodeSurfaceCompositionBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeSurfaceCompositionBaseType NON_BITUM_MIX Non Bituminous mix. string
CodeSurfaceCompositionBaseType METAL Metal - steel, aluminium. string
CodeSurfaceCompositionBaseType MEMBRANE A protective laminate usually made of rubber. string
CodeSurfaceCompositionBaseType MATS Landing mat portable system usually made of aluminium. string
CodeSurfaceCompositionBaseType MACADAM A macadam or tarmac surface consisting of water-bound crushed rock. string
CodeSurfaceCompositionBaseType LATERITE Laterite - a high iron clay formed in tropical areas. string
CodeSurfaceCompositionBaseType ICE Ice. string
CodeSurfaceCompositionBaseType GRAVEL Gravel. string
CodeSurfaceCompositionBaseType GRASS Grass including portions of turf or bare earth. string
CodeSurfaceCompositionBaseType EARTH Earth (in general). string
CodeSurfaceCompositionBaseType CORAL Coral. string
CodeSurfaceCompositionBaseType CONC_GRS Concrete and grass. string
CodeSurfaceCompositionBaseType CONC_ASPH Concrete and asphalt. string
CodeSurfaceCompositionBaseType CONC Concrete. string
CodeSurfaceCompositionBaseType CLAY Clay. string
CodeSurfaceCompositionBaseType BRICK Brick. string
CodeSurfaceCompositionBaseType BITUM Bituminous tar or asphalt and/or oil or bitumen bound, mix-in-place surfaces (often referred to as "earth cement"). [note: A bituminous tar or asphalt surface is prepared by digging up the surface, mixing the material with bitumen or oil binder, and surfacing the surface with the resulting mixture. Bitumen is the family name for tar which is derived from coal, or asphalt which is derived from oil. .] string
CodeSurfaceCompositionBaseType ASPH_GRASS Asphalt and grass. string
CodeSurfaceCompositionBaseType ASPH Asphalt. string
CodeStatusServiceBaseType UNSERVICEABLE Unserviceable (unavailable). string
CodeStatusServiceBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeStatusServiceBaseType ONTEST On test, do not use. string
CodeStatusServiceBaseType NORMAL Normal operations. string
CodeStatusServiceBaseType LIMITED Operating with limited capabilities. string
CodeStatusOperationsBaseType WORK_IN_PROGRESS Operation is under construction. string
CodeStatusOperationsBaseType UNSERVICEABLE Operation is unserviceable (unavailable). string
CodeStatusOperationsBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeStatusOperationsBaseType NORMAL Normal operations. string
CodeStatusOperationsBaseType DOWNGRADED The system is theoretically able to work at a higher level of service, but it is currently limited to the level described. string
CodeStatusNavaidBaseType UNSERVICEABLE Not available. string
CodeStatusNavaidBaseType PARTIAL Operating with limited capabilities. For example, used when just the DME part of a VOR/DME is working. string
CodeStatusNavaidBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeStatusNavaidBaseType OPERATIONAL Operating normally. string
CodeStatusNavaidBaseType ONTEST On test, do not use. string
CodeStatusNavaidBaseType INTERRUPT Expect interruptions of the signal. string
CodeStatusNavaidBaseType IN_CONSTRUCTION In Construction string
CodeStatusNavaidBaseType FALSE_POSSIBLE False indication possible, use with caution. string
CodeStatusNavaidBaseType FALSE_INDICATION Giving false indication, do not use. string
CodeStatusNavaidBaseType DISPLACED Displaced string
CodeStatusNavaidBaseType CONDITIONAL Operative subject to published limitations or conditions. string
CodeStatusConstructionBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeStatusConstructionBaseType IN_DEMOLITION Work in progress to remove the item. string
CodeStatusConstructionBaseType IN_CONSTRUCTION In Construction. string
CodeStatusConstructionBaseType DEMOLITION_PLANNED Removal is planned. string
CodeStatusConstructionBaseType COMPLETED Completed. string
CodeStatusAirspaceBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeStatusAirspaceBaseType INTERMITTENT The Airspace is active but with periods of no real usage. string
CodeStatusAirspaceBaseType INACTIVE The airspace is not active. string
CodeStatusAirspaceBaseType IN_USE The airspace is actually used inside the activation period. string
CodeStatusAirspaceBaseType AVBL_FOR_ACTIVATION The feature may be activated. string
CodeStatusAirspaceBaseType ACTIVE The airspace is active (but it might not be in use yet). string
CodeStatusAirportBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeStatusAirportBaseType NORMAL The facility operates with nominal parameters. string
CodeStatusAirportBaseType LIMITED The facility operates below its nominal parameters, with additional usage restrictions. string
CodeStatusAirportBaseType CLOSED The facility is not operational. string
CodeStandbyPowerBaseType UNKNOWN string
CodeStandbyPowerBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeStandbyPowerBaseType NONE string
CodeStandbyPowerBaseType GENERATOR string
CodeStandbyPowerBaseType COMMERCIAL string
CodeStandbyPowerBaseType BATTERY string
CodeSpeedReferenceBaseType TAS True air speed. string
CodeSpeedReferenceBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeSpeedReferenceBaseType IAS Indicated airspeed. string
CodeSpeedReferenceBaseType GS Ground speed. string
CodeSpecialNavigationSystemBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeSpecialNavigationSystemBaseType LORAND Long range (area) navigation system D. string
CodeSpecialNavigationSystemBaseType LORANC Long range (area) navigation system C. string
CodeSpecialNavigationSystemBaseType LORANA Long range (area) navigation system A string
CodeSpecialNavigationSystemBaseType GNSS Global navigation satellite system. string
CodeSpecialNavigationSystemBaseType DECCA Short and medium range (area) navigation system DECCA. string
CodeSpecialNavigationStationBaseType SLAVE LORAN slave. string
CodeSpecialNavigationStationBaseType RED_SLAVE Red slave station of a DECCA chain. string
CodeSpecialNavigationStationBaseType PURPLE_SLAVE Purple slave station of a DECCA chain. string
CodeSpecialNavigationStationBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeSpecialNavigationStationBaseType MASTER Master station of a LORAN or DECCA chain. string
CodeSpecialNavigationStationBaseType GREEN_SLAVE Green slave station of a DECCA chain. string
CodeSpecialDateBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeSpecialDateBaseType HOL Legal holiday. string
CodeSpecialDateBaseType BUSY_FRI Busy Friday. note: The main usage is related to conditional weekend routes, when early access is allowed on Friday these routes. Such 'busy Fridays' are typically declared in AIP Supplements. string
CodeSignalPerformanceILSBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeSignalPerformanceILSBaseType IIIC ILS Cat III with the operational performances C (DH = 0, RVR = 0m) string
CodeSignalPerformanceILSBaseType IIIB ILS Cat III with the operational performances B (DH &lt 50', 50m &lt = RVR &lt 175m) string
CodeSignalPerformanceILSBaseType IIIA ILS Cat III with the operational performances A (DH &lt 100', RVR &gt= 175m) string
CodeSignalPerformanceILSBaseType III Facility Performance category III. string
CodeSignalPerformanceILSBaseType II Facility Performance category II. string
CodeSignalPerformanceILSBaseType I Facility Performance category I. string
CodeSideBaseType RIGHT On the right side of the axis. string
CodeSideBaseType OTHER Another position. string
CodeSideBaseType LEFT On the left side of the axis. string
CodeSideBaseType BOTH Distributed on both sides of the axis. string
CodeServiceSARBaseType SAR Search and rescue service. string
CodeServiceSARBaseType RCC Rescue co-ordination service. string
CodeServiceSARBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeServiceSARBaseType ALRS Alerting service. string
CodeServiceInformationBaseType VOLMET Meteorological information for aircraft in flight broadcast service. string
CodeServiceInformationBaseType TWEB Transcribed weather broadcast service. string
CodeServiceInformationBaseType TAF Terminal area meteorological forecast service. string
CodeServiceInformationBaseType SIGMET Information issued by a meteorological watch office concerning the occurrence or expected occurrence of specified en-route weather phenomena which may affect the safety of aircraft operations. string
CodeServiceInformationBaseType RAF Regional area forecasting service. string
CodeServiceInformationBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeServiceInformationBaseType OFIS_VHF VHF operational flight information service (OFIS) broadcasts, as defined by the ICAO Annex 11. string
CodeServiceInformationBaseType OFIS_HF HF operational flight information service (OFIS) broadcasts, as defined by the ICAO Annex 11. string
CodeServiceInformationBaseType NOTAM Provision of NOTAM service, as defined by ICAO Annex 15. string
CodeServiceInformationBaseType METAR Aviation routine weather report string
CodeServiceInformationBaseType INFO Limited ad-hoc information provision, about a specific activity at a particular location. string
CodeServiceInformationBaseType FIS A service provided for the purpose of giving advice and information useful for the safe and efficient conduct of flights. string
CodeServiceInformationBaseType BRIEFING Pre-flight and post-flight briefing service. string
CodeServiceInformationBaseType AWOS Automated Weather Observation Service string
CodeServiceInformationBaseType ATIS Automated terminal information service, as defined in the ICAO Annex 11. string
CodeServiceInformationBaseType ASOS Automated Surface Observation System string
CodeServiceInformationBaseType ALTIMETER Altimeter setting information provision service. string
CodeServiceInformationBaseType AIS Aeronautical information service, as defined in the ICAO Annex 15. string
CodeServiceInformationBaseType AFIS Aerodrome flight information service, as defined in the ICAO Annex 11. string
CodeServiceGroundControlBaseType TWR Aerodrome control tower service. string
CodeServiceGroundControlBaseType TAXI Taxi clearance service. string
CodeServiceGroundControlBaseType SMGCS Surface movement control service. string
CodeServiceGroundControlBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeServiceATFMBaseType SCHED Scheduling and slot allocation service. string
CodeServiceATFMBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeServiceATFMBaseType FPLV A service that provides flight planning validation. string
CodeServiceATFMBaseType FPL A service that provides flight planning acceptance and distribution to the ATC Unites concerned. string
CodeServiceATFMBaseType CLEARANCE A service providing permissions (entry, landing, overflying, exit, etc.) for a given location. string
CodeServiceATFMBaseType ATFM Air traffic flow management service. string
CodeServiceATCBaseType UAC Upper area control service string
CodeServiceATCBaseType TWR Aerodrome control tower service. string
CodeServiceATCBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeServiceATCBaseType OACS Oceanic area control service. string
CodeServiceATCBaseType EFAS En-route flight advisory service. string
CodeServiceATCBaseType CTAF Common traffic advisory frequency service. string
CodeServiceATCBaseType APP Approach area control service (includes departure and arrival). string
CodeServiceATCBaseType ADVS Advisory service. string
CodeServiceATCBaseType ACS En-route area control service (same as ARTCC service in US) string
CodeSegmentTerminationBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeSegmentTerminationBaseType INTERCEPT Leg is terminated when reaching the limited angle indication or reaching the limiting distance indication associated with the leg. string
CodeSegmentTerminationBaseType DURATION Leg is terminated when the duration has passed. string
CodeSegmentTerminationBaseType DISTANCE Leg is terminated when the distance has passed. string
CodeSegmentTerminationBaseType ALTITUDE Leg is terminated when reaching the altitude conditions specified in the segment leg. string
CodeSegmentPathBaseType VR (ARINC) heading to a radial termination. string
CodeSegmentPathBaseType VM (ARINC) heading to a manual termination. string
CodeSegmentPathBaseType VI (ARINC) heading to next leg. string
CodeSegmentPathBaseType VD (ARINC) heading to a DME distance. string
CodeSegmentPathBaseType VA (ARINC) heading to an altitude (position unspecified). string
CodeSegmentPathBaseType TF (ARINC) track between two fixes. string
CodeSegmentPathBaseType RF (ARINC) constant radius to a fix. string
CodeSegmentPathBaseType PT (non ARINC) timed outbound leg to a procedure turn. string
CodeSegmentPathBaseType PI (ARINC) procedure turn followed by a course to a fix (CF). string
CodeSegmentPathBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeSegmentPathBaseType IF (ARINC) initial fix. string
CodeSegmentPathBaseType HM (ARINC) holding pattern terminating manually. string
CodeSegmentPathBaseType HF (ARINC) hold pattern terminating at a fix after one circuit. string
CodeSegmentPathBaseType HA (ARINC) hold pattern term. at fix after reach. an altitude. string
CodeSegmentPathBaseType FT (non ARINC) course from a fix during a specified time. string
CodeSegmentPathBaseType FM (ARINC) course from a fix to a manual termination. string
CodeSegmentPathBaseType FD (ARINC) course from a fix to a DME distance. string
CodeSegmentPathBaseType FC (ARINC) course from a fix to a distance. string
CodeSegmentPathBaseType FA (ARINC) course from a fix to an altitude. string
CodeSegmentPathBaseType DF (ARINC) Computed track direct to a fix. string
CodeSegmentPathBaseType CR (ARINC) course to a radial termination. string
CodeSegmentPathBaseType CI (ARINC) course to next leg followed by course oriented leg. string
CodeSegmentPathBaseType CF (ARINC) course to a fix. string
CodeSegmentPathBaseType CD (ARINC) course to a DME distance. string
CodeSegmentPathBaseType CA (ARINC) course to an altitude. string
CodeSegmentPathBaseType AF (ARINC) constant DME arc to a fix. string
CodeSafeAltitudeBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeSafeAltitudeBaseType MSA Minimum Sector/Safe Altitude string
CodeSafeAltitudeBaseType ESA Emergency Safe/Sector Altitude string
CodeRVSMPointRoleBaseType OUT RVSM Exit point. string
CodeRVSMPointRoleBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeRVSMPointRoleBaseType IN_OUT RVSM Entry/Exit Point. string
CodeRVSMPointRoleBaseType IN RVSM Entry Point. string
CodeRVSMBaseType RVSM Reduced Vertical Separation Minima string
CodeRVSMBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeRVSMBaseType NON_RVSM Non-RVSM. string
CodeRVRReadingBaseType TO Takeoff or rollout point. string
CodeRVRReadingBaseType TDZ Touchdown string
CodeRVRReadingBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeRVRReadingBaseType MID Middle or centre of runway string
CodeRunwaySectionBaseType TWY_INT Taxiway intersection. string
CodeRunwaySectionBaseType THR Threshold. string
CodeRunwaySectionBaseType TDZ Touch down zone. string
CodeRunwaySectionBaseType RPD_TWY_INT Rapid taxiway intersection. string
CodeRunwaySectionBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeRunwaySectionBaseType END Runway end. string
CodeRunwaySectionBaseType EDGE Edge. string
CodeRunwaySectionBaseType DTHR Displaced threshold. string
CodeRunwaySectionBaseType DESIG Runway designation. string
CodeRunwaySectionBaseType CL Centre line. string
CodeRunwaySectionBaseType AIM Aiming point. string
CodeRunwaySectionBaseType AFT_THR After threshold (for fixed distance markings.) string
CodeRunwaySectionBaseType 3_THIRD The last third of the runway, starting from the threshold with the lower designation number. string
CodeRunwaySectionBaseType 2_THIRD The second third of the runway, starting from the threshold with the lower designation number. string
CodeRunwaySectionBaseType 1_THIRD The first third of the runway, starting from the threshold with the lower designation number. string
CodeRunwayProtectionAreaBaseType VGSI Visual Glide Slope Indicator (VGSI) protection area. Protects VGSI signal coverage by forbidding objects in the area. string
CodeRunwayProtectionAreaBaseType STOPWAY A defined rectangular area on the ground at the end of take-off run available prepared as a suitable area in which an aircraft can be stopped in the case of an abandoned take-off. string
CodeRunwayProtectionAreaBaseType RESA Runway end safety area. string
CodeRunwayProtectionAreaBaseType POFZ Precision Obstacle Free Zone string
CodeRunwayProtectionAreaBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeRunwayProtectionAreaBaseType OFZ Obstacle free zone or surface string
CodeRunwayProtectionAreaBaseType IOFZ Inner Obstacle free zone or surface string
CodeRunwayProtectionAreaBaseType ILS ILS protection area. Protects ILS signal distortion by forbidding large objects in the area. string
CodeRunwayProtectionAreaBaseType CWY Clearway. string
CodeRunwayPointRoleBaseType THR Threshold string
CodeRunwayPointRoleBaseType TDZ Touchdown Zone string
CodeRunwayPointRoleBaseType START_RUN Start of take off run string
CodeRunwayPointRoleBaseType START Physical start of a runway direction. string
CodeRunwayPointRoleBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeRunwayPointRoleBaseType MID The mid point of the runway string
CodeRunwayPointRoleBaseType LAHSO Point indicating Land And Hold Short Operation location string
CodeRunwayPointRoleBaseType END Physical end of a runway direction string
CodeRunwayPointRoleBaseType DISTHR Displaced threshold. string
CodeRunwayPointRoleBaseType ABEAM_TDR The point perpendicular to the Touchdown Reflector (TDR) on the Runway Centreline. string
CodeRunwayPointRoleBaseType ABEAM_RER The point perpendicular to the Runway End Reflector (RER) on the Runway Centreline. string
CodeRunwayPointRoleBaseType ABEAM_PAR The point perpendicular to the Precision Approach Radar (PAR) Antenna on the Runway Centreline. string
CodeRunwayPointRoleBaseType ABEAM_GLIDESLOPE The point perpendicular to the Glideslope Antenna on the Runway Centreline. Also known as the Aiming Point. string
CodeRunwayPointRoleBaseType ABEAM_ELEVATION The point perpendicular to the Elevation Antenna on the Runway Centreline. string
CodeRunwayMarkingBaseType RUNWAY_NUMBERS The only runway marking element present is the Runway Designation. string
CodeRunwayMarkingBaseType PRECISION Markings appropriate for precision approach runway. Precision Instrument runway marking elements include markings for Runway Designation, Centreline, Threshold, Aiming Point, Touchdown Zone and Side Stripes. string
CodeRunwayMarkingBaseType OTHER Other runway markings. string
CodeRunwayMarkingBaseType NONPRECISION Markings appropriate for non-precision approach runway. Non-Precision Instrument runway marking elements include markings for Runway designation, Centreline, threshold and Aiming Point. string
CodeRunwayMarkingBaseType NONE No runway markings present. string
CodeRunwayMarkingBaseType NON_STANDARD Runway marking elements such as Runway Designation, Centreline, Threshold and Aiming Point may be present, but they are Not standard markings. string
CodeRunwayMarkingBaseType HELIPORT Heliport specific marking elements are present. string
CodeRunwayMarkingBaseType BASIC Basic (or Visual) runway marking elements include markings for Runway Designation, Centreline, Threshold (On runways sued or intended to be used by international commercial transports) and Aiming Point (On runways 4000 ft (1200M) or longer used by jet aircraft). string
CodeRunwayElementBaseType SHOULDER Runway or taxiway shoulder element. string
CodeRunwayElementBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeRunwayElementBaseType NORMAL The default type. string
CodeRunwayElementBaseType INTERSECTION Intersection element - with a runway or with a taxiway. string
CodeRunwayElementBaseType DISPLACED The element between the start of the runway and the position of the displaced threshold. string
CodeRunwayBaseType RWY Runway for airplanes string
CodeRunwayBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeRunwayBaseType FATO Final Approach and Take Off Area for helicopters string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType VISUAL_FLIGHT_RULES Visual flight rules as applied within the State. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType UNLAWFUL_INTERFERENCE Procedures to be applied in case of unlawful interference. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType REGIONAL_SUPPLEMENTARY_PROCEDURES Regional supplementary procedures (SUPPS) affecting the entire area of State responsibility. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType PUBLIC_HEALTH_MEASURES_PASSENGERS Public health measures applied to disembarking or departing passengers and crew. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType PUBLIC_HEALTH_MEASURES_AIRCRAFT Public health measures applied to arriving, departing or transit aircraft. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType NOISE_ABATEMENT_PROCEDURES Detailed description of noise abatement procedures established at the aerodrome. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType NATIONAL_REGULATIONS National regulations affecting air navigation. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType MEASURING_SYSTEM_AIRCRAFT_MARKINGS_HOLIDAYS A table of units of measurement, calendar, time systems, geodetic reference system, EGM-96 and public holidays. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType LOCAL_TRAFFIC_REGULATIONS Standard routes for taxiing aircraft, parking regulations, school and training flights and similar but excluding flight procedures. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType INTERNATIONAL_AGREEMENTS_CONVENTIONS International agreements in which the State is part and which affect air navigation. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType INTERCEPTION_CIVIL_AIRCRAFT Interception procedures and visual signals to be used. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType INSTRUMENT_FLIGHT_RULES Instrument flight rules as applied within the State. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType IMMIGRATION_REQUIREMENTS Immigration formalities for passengers and crew. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType HOLDING_APPROACH_DEPARTURE_PROCEDURES The criteria on which holding, approach and departure procedures are established for arriving flights and departing flights from any aerodrome/heliport. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType FLIGHT_RULES_GENERAL General flight rules as applied within the State. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType FLIGHT_PLANNING Procedures for the submission of a flight plan repetitive flight plan system and changes to the submitted flight plan. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType ENTRY_TRANSIT_DEPARTURE_SCHEDULED Rules and procedures governing the entry, transit and departure of scheduled flights. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType ENTRY_TRANSIT_DEPARTURE_PRIVATE Rules and procedures governing the entry, transit and departure of private flights. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType ENTRY_TRANSIT_DEPARTURE_OF_AIRCRAFT Rules and procedures governing the entry, transit and departure of aircraft. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType ENTRY_TRANSIT_DEPARTURE_NON_SCHEDULED Rules and procedures governing the entry, transit and departure of non-scheduled flights. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType ENTRY_TRANSIT_DEPARTURE_CARGO Regulations concerning entry, transit and departure of cargo. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType DIFFERENCES_ICAO_STANDARDS_RECOMMENDED_PRACTICES_PROCEDURES Significant differences between national regulations and practices of the State and related ICAO provisions. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType CUSTOMS_REQUIREMENTS Customs formalities for passengers and crew. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType ATS_SURVEILLANCE_SERVICES_PROCEDURES Primary radar services and procedures, secondary surveillance radar (SSR) operating procedures and automatic dependent surveillance - broadcast (ADS-B) coverage. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType ATS_AIRSPACE_CLASSIFICATION Description of ATS airspace classes as applied within the State. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType ALTIMETER_SETTING_PROCEDURES Altimeter setting procedures in use, containing procedures applicable to operators and cruising levels. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType AIRCRAFT_INSTRUMENTS_EQUIPMENT_FLIGHT_DOCUMENTS Aircraft instruments, equipment and flight documents to be carried on aircraft. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType AIR_TRAFFIC_INCIDENTS Definition of air traffic incidents, use of the "Air Traffic Incident Reporting Form", reporting procedures and purpose of reporting and handling of the form. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType AIR_TRAFFIC_FLOW_MANAGEMENT ATFM structure types of flow messages and procedures applicable for departing flights, flight plan requirements and slot allocations. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType AIR_NAVIGATION_SERVICES_CHARGES Charges which may be applicable to air navigation services provided for international use, approach control, route air navigation services. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType AERODROME_HELIPORT_CHARGES Type of charges which may be applicable at aerodromes/heliports. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType AERODROME_HELIPORT_AVAILABILITY The general conditions of the State's designated authority responsible for aerodromes and heliports availability. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType AERODROME_FLIGHT_PROCEDURES The conditions and flight procedures, including radar and low visibility procedures at the aerodrome and associated equipment authorized for use under these conditions. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType AERODROME_BIRD_CONCENTRATION Indication of bird concentrations at the aerodrome. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType ADDRESSING_FLIGHT_PLAN_MESSAGES Addresses allocated to flight plans, showing: category of flight (IFR, VFR or both), route and message address. string
CodeRuleProcedureTitleBaseType ABBREVIATIONS_AIS_PUBLICATIONS A list of alphabetically arranged abbreviations used by the State in its AIP. string
CodeRuleProcedureBaseType RULE A prescribed guide for conduct or action. string
CodeRuleProcedureBaseType PROCEDURE A particular way of accomplishing something or of acting string
CodeRuleProcedureBaseType PRACTICE The usual way of doing something, even if it is not formally prescribed string
CodeRuleProcedureBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeRuleProcedureBaseType LAW A binding rule, enforced by the national/international legislation. string
CodeRuleProcedureBaseType ICAO_DIFF A difference between the national rules/procedures and the ICAO Standards, Recommended Practices and Procedures. string
CodeRouteSegmentPathBaseType RHL Rhumb line. string
CodeRouteSegmentPathBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeRouteSegmentPathBaseType GRC Great circle. string
CodeRouteSegmentPathBaseType GDS Geodesic. string
CodeRouteOriginBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeRouteOriginBaseType INTL International. string
CodeRouteOriginBaseType DOM Domestic. string
CodeRouteOriginBaseType BOTH BOTH string
CodeRouteNavigationBaseType TACAN TACAN route. string
CodeRouteNavigationBaseType RNAV Area navigation route. string
CodeRouteNavigationBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeRouteNavigationBaseType CONV Conventional navigation route. string
CodeRouteDesignatorSuffixBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeRouteDesignatorSuffixBaseType G (ICAO) Flight information service only on a portion of the route. string
CodeRouteDesignatorSuffixBaseType F (ICAO) Advisory service only is provided on a portion of the route. string
CodeRouteDesignatorPrefixBaseType U Upper string
CodeRouteDesignatorPrefixBaseType T TACAN Route (military) string
CodeRouteDesignatorPrefixBaseType S Supersonic string
CodeRouteDesignatorPrefixBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeRouteDesignatorPrefixBaseType K Helicopter string
CodeRouteDesignatorLetterBaseType Z string
CodeRouteDesignatorLetterBaseType Y string
CodeRouteDesignatorLetterBaseType W string
CodeRouteDesignatorLetterBaseType V string
CodeRouteDesignatorLetterBaseType T string
CodeRouteDesignatorLetterBaseType R string
CodeRouteDesignatorLetterBaseType Q string
CodeRouteDesignatorLetterBaseType P string
CodeRouteDesignatorLetterBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeRouteDesignatorLetterBaseType N string
CodeRouteDesignatorLetterBaseType M string
CodeRouteDesignatorLetterBaseType L string
CodeRouteDesignatorLetterBaseType J string
CodeRouteDesignatorLetterBaseType H string
CodeRouteDesignatorLetterBaseType G string
CodeRouteDesignatorLetterBaseType B string
CodeRouteDesignatorLetterBaseType A string
CodeRouteBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeRouteBaseType NAT North Atlantic Track (part of Organized Track System) string
CodeRouteBaseType ATS ATS Route as described in ICAO Annex 11. string
CodeRouteAvailabilityBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeRouteAvailabilityBaseType OPEN the route segment may be flown according to its timetable. string
CodeRouteAvailabilityBaseType COND Special use. note: This value is needed as long as 'special' types of routes exist. Examples:- routes which are closed during some time periods, but still may be used for landings on a specified aerodrome - flights may be performed below the minimum level of the route in order to arrive at a specified aerodrome. string
CodeRouteAvailabilityBaseType CLSD Closed. string
CodeRoadBaseType SERVICE Service road string
CodeRoadBaseType PUBLIC Public road string
CodeRoadBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeRelativePositionBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeRelativePositionBaseType BEFORE A location in advance of the reference point. string
CodeRelativePositionBaseType AT A location at the reference point. string
CodeRelativePositionBaseType AFTER A location following the reference point string
CodeReflectorBaseType TOUCHDOWN Touchdown Reflector string
CodeReflectorBaseType RUNWAY_END Reflector placed off the end of the runway string
CodeReflectorBaseType REFERENCE Reference Reflector string
CodeReflectorBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeReferenceRoleBaseType RECNAV The recommended navaid providing information for the segment. Used for ARINC leg types that need navaid information other then what is supplied by standard angle and distance indications. string
CodeReferenceRoleBaseType RAD_DME Defined by a bearing (angle indication) and a distance (distance Indication) from a navaid. string
CodeReferenceRoleBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeReferenceRoleBaseType INTERSECTION An intersection is where two or more "things" cross. An intersection will be the intersection of two angle indications or two distance indications (DME/DME fix). The indications must reference different navaids. string
CodeReferenceRoleBaseType ATD Along Track Distance. Defined the distance along the guidance course to/from another significant point. string
CodeRadioSignalBaseType VOICE The signal provides a carrier for voice information. string
CodeRadioSignalBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeRadioSignalBaseType DISTANCE The signal supports the provision/calculation of linear separation information. string
CodeRadioSignalBaseType DATALINK The signal provides a carrier for data. string
CodeRadioSignalBaseType BEAM The signal provides a directional guidance, in the horizontal or vertical planes. string
CodeRadioSignalBaseType AZIMUTH The signal supports the provision/calculation of horizontal angle information. string
CodeRadioFrequencyAreaBaseType UUS Un-usability (use is not permitted in the defined sectors). string
CodeRadioFrequencyAreaBaseType UNREL Unreliability. string
CodeRadioFrequencyAreaBaseType T_COV Theoretical coverage range (not flight checked). Equivalent to Standard Service Volume. string
CodeRadioFrequencyAreaBaseType SCL Scalloping. string
CodeRadioFrequencyAreaBaseType RHG Roughness (signal roughness experienced). string
CodeRadioFrequencyAreaBaseType RES Restricted (use is restricted to defined sectors). string
CodeRadioFrequencyAreaBaseType OUT Out of tolerance. string
CodeRadioFrequencyAreaBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeRadioFrequencyAreaBaseType ESV Extended Service Volume (Coverage) string
CodeRadioFrequencyAreaBaseType COV Actual coverage range (flight checked). Equivalent to Operational Service Volume. string
CodeRadioEmissionBaseType PON Pulse. string
CodeRadioEmissionBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeRadioEmissionBaseType NOX Unmodulated carrier. string
CodeRadioEmissionBaseType NONA2A Unmod. trans. morse ident. carrier emission continuous. string
CodeRadioEmissionBaseType NONA1A Unmod trans. morse ident. carrier emission interrupted. string
CodeRadioEmissionBaseType J3E AM double side-band suppressed carrier telephony. string
CodeRadioEmissionBaseType G1D DPSK Data Transmission. string
CodeRadioEmissionBaseType A9W Composite AM/FM (unkeyed) plus ON/OFF keying of ident tone. string
CodeRadioEmissionBaseType A8W AM (unkeyed) plus ON/OFF keying of ident tone. string
CodeRadioEmissionBaseType A3U Upper single side-band, carrier unknown string
CodeRadioEmissionBaseType A3L Lower single side-band, carrier unknown. string
CodeRadioEmissionBaseType A3J Single side-band, suppressed carrier. string
CodeRadioEmissionBaseType A3H Single side-band, full carrier. string
CodeRadioEmissionBaseType A3E AM double side-band telephony. string
CodeRadioEmissionBaseType A3B Two independent side-bands. string
CodeRadioEmissionBaseType A3A Single side-band, reduced carrier. string
CodeRadioEmissionBaseType A2 Telegraphy, no voice. string
CodeRadarServiceBaseType SSR Secondary Surveillance Radar or ATCRBS (Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System)</para><para> Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) (aka Secondary Radar (SECRA) or ATC Radar Beacon System (ATCRBS)) is a radar system in which the object to be detected is fitted with the cooperative equipment in the form of a radio receiver/transmitter (transponder). Radar pulses transmitted from the searching transmitter/receiver (interrogator) site are received in the cooperative equipment and used to trigger a distinctive transmission from the transponder. This reply transmission, rather than a reflected signal, is then received back at the transmitter/receiver site for processing and display at an air traffic control facility. string
CodeRadarServiceBaseType PAR Precision Approach Radar</para><para> Precision Approach Radar (PAR) is designed for use as a landing aid rather than an aid for sequencing and spacing aircraft to provide lateral and vertical guidance to an aircraft pilot for landing up to the missed approach point. PAR equipment may be used as a primary landing aid or it may be used to monitor other types of approaches. It is designed to display range, azimuth, and elevation information. It is similar to an instrument landing system (ILS) but requires control instructions. One type of instrument approach that can make use of PAR is the ground-controlled approach (GCA). string
CodeRadarServiceBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeRadarServiceBaseType ASR Airport Surveillance Radar</para><para> Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR) is a category of surveillance radars. ASR is designed to provide relatively short-range coverage in the general vicinity of an airport and to serve as an expeditious means of handling terminal traffic through observation of precise aircraft locations on a radarscope. The ASR can also be used as an instrument approach aid. string
CodeRadarServiceBaseType ARSR Air Route Surveillance Radar</para><para> Air Route Surveillance Radar (ARSR) or Route Surveillance Radar (RSR) is a system of remotely located, long-range radars that primarily provides a display of aircraft locations over large areas to air route traffic control centres string
CodeProtectAreaSectionBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeProtectAreaSectionBaseType END Area end. string
CodeProtectAreaSectionBaseType EDGE Area edge. string
CodeProtectAreaSectionBaseType CL Area centreline string
CodeProcedurePhaseBaseType RWY Runway transition. string
CodeProcedurePhaseBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeProcedurePhaseBaseType MISSED_S Secondary Missed Approach (IAP only) string
CodeProcedurePhaseBaseType MISSED_P Primary Missed Approach (IAP only) string
CodeProcedurePhaseBaseType MISSED Missed approach (IAP only) string
CodeProcedurePhaseBaseType FINAL Final transition (IAP only). string
CodeProcedurePhaseBaseType ENGINE_OUT Engine out (SID only) string
CodeProcedurePhaseBaseType EN_ROUTE En-route transition string
CodeProcedurePhaseBaseType COMMON Common route string
CodeProcedurePhaseBaseType APPROACH Approach transition (IAP only) string
CodeProcedureFixRoleBaseType VDP (FAA AIM) Visual descent point. The VDP is a defined point on the final approach course of a non precision straight-in approach procedure from which normal descent from the MDA to the runway touchdown point may be commenced, provided visual reference required by 14 CFR Section 91.175(c)(3) is established. string
CodeProcedureFixRoleBaseType TP Turn Point string
CodeProcedureFixRoleBaseType SDF Step down fix. string
CodeProcedureFixRoleBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeProcedureFixRoleBaseType MAPT Missed approach point. string
CodeProcedureFixRoleBaseType MAHF Missed approach holding fix. string
CodeProcedureFixRoleBaseType LTP The Landing Threshold Point (LTP) is a point over which the glide path passes at a relative height specified by the reference datum height (RDH). The LTP is normally located at the intersection of the runway centre line and the threshold. string
CodeProcedureFixRoleBaseType IF_IAF Intermediate Fix or an Initial Approach Fix string
CodeProcedureFixRoleBaseType IF Intermediate fix. string
CodeProcedureFixRoleBaseType IAF Initial approach fix. string
CodeProcedureFixRoleBaseType FTP The Fictitious Threshold Point (FTP) is a point over which the final approach segment path passes at a relative height specified by the reference datum height (RDH). The FTP replaces the LTP when the final approach course is not aligned with the runway extended centre line or when the threshold is displaced from the actual runway threshold. For non-aligned approaches the FTP lies on the intersection of the perpendicular from the FAS to the runway threshold. The FTP elevation is the same as the actual runway threshold elevation. string
CodeProcedureFixRoleBaseType FROP Final Rollout Point - Where a course change is required within the Final Approach Segment (FAS), the point that the aircraft rolls to a wings-level attitude aligned with the runway centreline extended is considered the FROP.</para><para> FROP is used in an RNP-SAAAR procedure when a turn is required in the final between the FAF and the threshold. string
CodeProcedureFixRoleBaseType FPAP Flight Path Alignment Point. string
CodeProcedureFixRoleBaseType FAF Final approach fix. string
CodeProcedureDistanceBaseType VDP Visual Descent Point string
CodeProcedureDistanceBaseType THLD Runway Threshold string
CodeProcedureDistanceBaseType RECH Runway End Crossing Height string
CodeProcedureDistanceBaseType PFAF Precision final approach fix string
CodeProcedureDistanceBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeProcedureDistanceBaseType OM Outer marker string
CodeProcedureDistanceBaseType MM Middle marker string
CodeProcedureDistanceBaseType MAP Missed Approach Point string
CodeProcedureDistanceBaseType IM Inner marker string
CodeProcedureDistanceBaseType HAT Height Above Touchdown string
CodeProcedureDistanceBaseType GSANT Glideslope antenna string
CodeProcedureDistanceBaseType FAF Final Approach Fix string
CodeProcedureCodingStandardBaseType PANS_OPS ICAO PANS-OPS. string
CodeProcedureCodingStandardBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeProcedureCodingStandardBaseType ARINC_424_19 ARINC 424 Version 19. string
CodeProcedureCodingStandardBaseType ARINC_424_18 ARINC 424 Version 18 string
CodeProcedureCodingStandardBaseType ARINC_424_15 ARINC 424 version 15 string
CodeProcedureAvailabilityBaseType USABLE The procedure may be flown according to its timetable. Is active and can be used. string
CodeProcedureAvailabilityBaseType UNUSABLE Temporarily suspended because, for example, a temporary obstacle makes the procedure unsafe string
CodeProcedureAvailabilityBaseType OTHER Other string
CodePrimaryRadarBaseType OTHER Other string
CodePrimaryRadarBaseType ASR Airport Surveillance Radar system.</para><para> Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR) is a category of surveillance radars. ASR is designed to provide relatively short-range coverage in the general vicinity of an airport and to serve as an expeditious means of handling terminal traffic through observation of precise aircraft locations on a radarscope. The ASR can also be used as an instrument approach aid. string
CodePrimaryRadarBaseType ARSR Air Route Surveillance Radar system.</para><para> Air Route Surveillance Radar (ARSR) or Route Surveillance Radar (RSR) is a system of remotely located, long-range radars that primarily provides a display of aircraft locations over large areas to air route traffic control centres string
CodePositionInILSBaseType OUTER Outer. string
CodePositionInILSBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodePositionInILSBaseType MIDDLE Middle. string
CodePositionInILSBaseType INNER Inner. string
CodePositionInILSBaseType BACKCOURSE Backcourse. string
CodePilotControlledLightingBaseType STANDARD_FAA FAA Standard. string
CodePilotControlledLightingBaseType OTHER Other string
CodePilotControlledLightingBaseType NON_STANDARD Non-standard. string
CodePCNTyrePressureBaseType Z Very low: Pressure limited to 0.50 MPa (73 psi). string
CodePCNTyrePressureBaseType Y Low: Pressure limited to 1.00 MPa (145 psi). string
CodePCNTyrePressureBaseType X Medium: Pressure limited to 1.5 MPa (217 psi). string
CodePCNTyrePressureBaseType W High: No pressure limit. string
CodePCNTyrePressureBaseType OTHER Other string
CodePCNSubgradeBaseType OTHER Other string
CodePCNSubgradeBaseType D Ultra-low strength sub-grade. string
CodePCNSubgradeBaseType C Low strength sub-grade. string
CodePCNSubgradeBaseType B Medium strength sub-grade. string
CodePCNSubgradeBaseType A High strength sub-grade. string
CodePCNPavementBaseType RIGID [R] Rigid pavement. string
CodePCNPavementBaseType OTHER Other string
CodePCNPavementBaseType FLEXIBLE [F] Flexible pavement. string
CodePCNMethodBaseType TECH [T] Technical evaluation. string
CodePCNMethodBaseType OTHER Other string
CodePCNMethodBaseType ACFT [U] Based on aircraft experience. string
CodePassengerServiceBaseType VET Veterinary service. string
CodePassengerServiceBaseType TRANSPORT Transport facilities and information. string
CodePassengerServiceBaseType SECUR Security service. string
CodePassengerServiceBaseType SAN Health and sanitation service. string
CodePassengerServiceBaseType REST Restaurant/cafe/bar facility. string
CodePassengerServiceBaseType POST Letter/parcel post. string
CodePassengerServiceBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodePassengerServiceBaseType MEDIC Medical facilities. string
CodePassengerServiceBaseType INFO Tourist information. string
CodePassengerServiceBaseType HOTEL Hotel reservations/bookings. string
CodePassengerServiceBaseType CUST Customs and immigration service. string
CodePassengerServiceBaseType BANK Banking/currency exchange facilities. string
CodePARBaseType TPN19 Built by Raytheon. Described in some sources as launching control, having two Radars Surveillance and PAR. TPN-24 and TPN-25. string
CodePARBaseType OTHER Other string
CodePARBaseType MPN14K Made by ITT Gillfilan. Mobile ATC radar for military use. Comprises two Radars, a PAR with 2 x 80Kw Transmitters in I/J Band, and an approach Surveillance Radar with dual 1Mw Transmitters in string
CodePARBaseType GPN25 Made by Raytheon. Fixed base version of TPN-25. Part of TPN-19 Air Traffic Control System. string
CodePARBaseType GPN22 Made by Raytheon. Derived from TPN-25. HIPAR = High Performance Precision Approach Radar. 20 mile range on 1 metre target. Can track 6 targets at once. string
CodePARBaseType FPN62 Made by Raytheon. Range 15 miles. QKH1811 coaxial Magnetron. Known as Normal PAR.. The version produced for Britain is called Falconner. Replaced CPN-4 and FPN-16. string
CodePARBaseType FPN16 Made by Raytheon. Range 15 miles. QKH1811 coaxial Magnetron. Similar to CPN-4 and MPN-11. string
CodeOxygenBaseType OXRB Oxygen replacement bottles. string
CodeOxygenBaseType OX Indicates oxygen servicing when type of servicing is unspecified. string
CodeOxygenBaseType OTHER Other oxygen servicing situation. string
CodeOxygenBaseType LPOX Low pressure oxygen servicing. string
CodeOxygenBaseType LOXRB Low pressure oxygen replacement bottles. string
CodeOxygenBaseType LOX Liquid oxygen servicing. string
CodeOxygenBaseType LHOX Low and high pressure oxygen servicing. string
CodeOxygenBaseType HPOX High pressure oxygen servicing. string
CodeOxygenBaseType HOXRB High pressure oxygen replacement bottles. string
CodeOrganisationHierarchyBaseType SUPERVISED_BY Indicates that the current feature is under the supervision of the parent organisation. string
CodeOrganisationHierarchyBaseType OWNED_BY Indicates that the current feature is hierarchically positioned immediately below the parent organisation. string
CodeOrganisationHierarchyBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeOrganisationHierarchyBaseType MEMBER Child ORG is a member of the parent ORG. string
CodeOrganisationBaseType STATE_GROUP Group of States. string
CodeOrganisationBaseType STATE State. string
CodeOrganisationBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeOrganisationBaseType ORG Organisation within a State. string
CodeOrganisationBaseType NTL_AUTH National authority. string
CodeOrganisationBaseType INTL_ORG International organisation. string
CodeOrganisationBaseType HANDLING_AGENCY Handling agency. string
CodeOrganisationBaseType COMMERCIAL Other commercial organisation. string
CodeOrganisationBaseType ATS Air traffic services provider. string
CodeOrganisationBaseType ACFT_OPR Aircraft operating agency. string
CodeOperationManoeuvringAreaBaseType TRAIN_APPROACH Aircraft practices low approaches. string
CodeOperationManoeuvringAreaBaseType TOUCHGO Aircraft landing followed by an immediate take-off, without deceleration. string
CodeOperationManoeuvringAreaBaseType TAXIING Aircraft taxiing along an element of the airport/heliport movement area. string
CodeOperationManoeuvringAreaBaseType TAKEOFF Aircraft take off. string
CodeOperationManoeuvringAreaBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeOperationManoeuvringAreaBaseType LANDING Aircraft landing. string
CodeOperationManoeuvringAreaBaseType CROSSING Crossing an element of the airport/heliport manoeuvring area, as opposed to taxiing along that element. string
CodeOperationManoeuvringAreaBaseType ALL All operation types. string
CodeOperationManoeuvringAreaBaseType AIRSHOW Air show and aircraft display activities. string
CodeOperationAirportHeliportBaseType TRAIN_APPROACH Practice low approaches. string
CodeOperationAirportHeliportBaseType TOUCHGO Touch and go string
CodeOperationAirportHeliportBaseType TAKEOFF Take off string
CodeOperationAirportHeliportBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeOperationAirportHeliportBaseType LANDING Landing string
CodeOperationAirportHeliportBaseType ALTN_LANDING Landing at an Alternate Airport/Heliport. string
CodeOperationAirportHeliportBaseType ALL All operation types. string
CodeOperationAirportHeliportBaseType AIRSHOW Air show string
CodeOilBaseType TURBO Turbo oil. string
CodeOilBaseType PISTON Piston engine oil. string
CodeOilBaseType OTHER Other category of aviation oil. string
CodeOilBaseType HYDRAULIC Hydraulic oil. string
CodeObstructionIdSurfaceZoneBaseType TRANSITION (AirMAT) string
CodeObstructionIdSurfaceZoneBaseType PRIMARY (AirMAT) string
CodeObstructionIdSurfaceZoneBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeObstructionIdSurfaceZoneBaseType HORIZONTAL (AirMAT) string
CodeObstructionIdSurfaceZoneBaseType CONICAL (AirMAT) string
CodeObstructionIdSurfaceZoneBaseType APPROACH (AirMAT) string
CodeObstacleAssessmentSurfaceBaseType ZONE3 Zone 3 string
CodeObstacleAssessmentSurfaceBaseType ZONE2 Zone 2 string
CodeObstacleAssessmentSurfaceBaseType ZONE1 Zone 1 string
CodeObstacleAssessmentSurfaceBaseType TURN_INITIATION string
CodeObstacleAssessmentSurfaceBaseType TURN string
CodeObstacleAssessmentSurfaceBaseType SECONDARY Secondary Area. string
CodeObstacleAssessmentSurfaceBaseType PT_ENTRY_AREA Procedure turn entry area. string
CodeObstacleAssessmentSurfaceBaseType PRIMARY Primary area. string
CodeObstacleAssessmentSurfaceBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeObstacleAssessmentSurfaceBaseType MA Missed approach area. string
CodeObstacleAssessmentSurfaceBaseType FINAL Final approach area. string
CodeObstacleAssessmentSurfaceBaseType DER Departure End of Runway Area string
CodeObstacleAssessmentSurfaceBaseType AREA3 AREA 3 string
CodeObstacleAssessmentSurfaceBaseType AREA2 AREA 2 string
CodeObstacleAssessmentSurfaceBaseType AREA1 AREA 1 string
CodeObstacleAssessmentSurfaceBaseType 72_TO_1 72 to 1 sloped surface. string
CodeObstacleAssessmentSurfaceBaseType 40_TO_1 40 to 1 sloped surface. string
CodeObstacleAreaBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeObstacleAreaBaseType OLS ICAO Annex 14 Obstacle Limitation Surface. string
CodeObstacleAreaBaseType MANAGED A 'virtual' area containing the VerticalStructures included in the data collection exercise, which do not qualify yet as Obstacles in any specific Area string
CodeObstacleAreaBaseType FAR77 FAA Regulations Part 77 Obstacle Limitation Surfaces. string
CodeObstacleAreaBaseType AREA4 ICAO Area 4: Category II or III operations area. string
CodeObstacleAreaBaseType AREA3 ICAO Area 3: aerodrome/heliport area. string
CodeObstacleAreaBaseType AREA2 ICAO Area 2: terminal control area. string
CodeObstacleAreaBaseType AREA1 ICAO Area 1: entire territory of a State. string
CodeNotePurposeBaseType WARNING A notice that announces a hazard in relation with the feature or property characteristics. string
CodeNotePurposeBaseType REMARK Additional information about the feature or property, to be considered by a human operator. string
CodeNotePurposeBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeNotePurposeBaseType DISCLAIMER A denial or disavowal of legal claim with regard to the feature or property information. string
CodeNotePurposeBaseType DESCRIPTION A summary of the feature or property characteristics in a human readable form. string
CodeNorthReferenceBaseType 1 True north. string
CodeNorthReferenceBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeNorthReferenceBaseType MAG Magnetic north. string
CodeNorthReferenceBaseType GRID The direction of the north-south lines of the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) grid imposed on topographic maps by the United States and NATO. string
CodeNitrogenBaseType OTHER Other nitrogen servicing situation. string
CodeNitrogenBaseType NGRB Nitrogen replacement bottles. string
CodeNitrogenBaseType NG Indicates nitrogen servicing when type of servicing is unspecified. string
CodeNitrogenBaseType LPNG Low pressure nitrogen serving. string
CodeNitrogenBaseType LNGRB Low pressure nitrogen replacement bottles. string
CodeNitrogenBaseType LNG Liquid nitrogen servicing. string
CodeNitrogenBaseType LHNG Low and high pressure nitrogen servicing. string
CodeNitrogenBaseType HPNG High pressure nitrogen servicing. string
CodeNitrogenBaseType HNGRB High pressure nitrogen replacement bottles. string
CodeNDBUsageBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeNDBUsageBaseType MAR Marine beacon. string
CodeNDBUsageBaseType L Locator - low powered NDB used as an aid for final approach (also known as a compass locator). string
CodeNDBUsageBaseType ENR Enroute NDB. string
CodeNavigationSpecificationBaseType RNP_AR_APCH RNP AR approach capability. string
CodeNavigationSpecificationBaseType RNP_APCH RNP approach capability. string
CodeNavigationSpecificationBaseType RNP_4 RNP 4 capability - for oceanic and remote continental navigation applications. string
CodeNavigationSpecificationBaseType RNP_2 RNP 2 capability (specification to be developed by ICAO) - for various phases of flight. string
CodeNavigationSpecificationBaseType RNAV_5 RNAV 5 capability - for en-route and terminal navigation applications. string
CodeNavigationSpecificationBaseType RNAV_2 RNAV 2 capability - for en-route and terminal navigation applications. string
CodeNavigationSpecificationBaseType RNAV_10 RNAV 10 (RNP 10) capability - for oceanic and remote continental navigation applications. string
CodeNavigationSpecificationBaseType RNAV_1 RNAV 1 capability - for en-route and terminal navigation applications. string
CodeNavigationSpecificationBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeNavigationSpecificationBaseType BASIC_RNP_1 Basic RNP 1 capability - for various phases of flight. string
CodeNavigationSpecificationBaseType ADVANCED_RNP_1 Advanced RNP 1 capability (specification to be developed by ICAO) - for various phases of flight. string
CodeNavigationEquipmentBaseType WAAS Wide Area Augmentation System. string
CodeNavigationEquipmentBaseType VOR_DME VOR/DME Receiver. string
CodeNavigationEquipmentBaseType TACAN TACAN Receiver. string
CodeNavigationEquipmentBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeNavigationEquipmentBaseType MLS Microwave Landing System string
CodeNavigationEquipmentBaseType LORAN LORAN Receiver. string
CodeNavigationEquipmentBaseType INS Inertial Navigation System. string
CodeNavigationEquipmentBaseType ILS Instrument Landing System string
CodeNavigationEquipmentBaseType GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System. string
CodeNavigationEquipmentBaseType FMS Flight Management System. string
CodeNavigationEquipmentBaseType DME_DME DME/DME Receiver. string
CodeNavigationEquipmentBaseType DME DME Receiver. string
CodeNavigationAreaRestrictionBaseType VECTOR Vectoring area restriction string
CodeNavigationAreaRestrictionBaseType OTHER string
CodeNavigationAreaRestrictionBaseType OMNIDIRECTIONAL Omnidirectional departure restriction string
CodeNavigationAreaBaseType PNA Pilot Navigation Area string
CodeNavigationAreaBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeNavigationAreaBaseType OMNI Omnidirectional area string
CodeNavigationAreaBaseType DVA Diverse Vector Area string
CodeNavaidServiceBaseType VORTAC VOR and TACAN collocated. string
CodeNavaidServiceBaseType VOR_DME VOR and DME collocated. string
CodeNavaidServiceBaseType VOR VHF Omnidirectional Radio Range. string
CodeNavaidServiceBaseType TLS Transponder Landing System string
CodeNavaidServiceBaseType TACAN Tactical Air Navigation Beacon string
CodeNavaidServiceBaseType SDF Simplified Directional Facility. string
CodeNavaidServiceBaseType OTHER Other types of navaid services. string
CodeNavaidServiceBaseType NDB_MKR Non-Directional Radio Beacon and Marker Beacon string
CodeNavaidServiceBaseType NDB_DME NDB and DME collocated. string
CodeNavaidServiceBaseType NDB Non-Directional Radio Beacon string
CodeNavaidServiceBaseType MLS_DME MLS with collocated DME. See NavaidComponent collocationGroup string
CodeNavaidServiceBaseType MLS Microwave Landing System string
CodeNavaidServiceBaseType MKR Marker Beacon string
CodeNavaidServiceBaseType LOC_DME LOC and DME collocated. string
CodeNavaidServiceBaseType LOC Localizer. string
CodeNavaidServiceBaseType ILS_DME ILS with collocated DME. Collocation can be with the antenna or the loc. See NavaidComponent collocationGroup string
CodeNavaidServiceBaseType ILS Instrument Landing System string
CodeNavaidServiceBaseType DME Distance Measuring Equipment. string
CodeNavaidServiceBaseType DF Direction Finder. string
CodeNavaidPurposeBaseType TERMINAL Intended for usage in the terminal area, in particular for approach, landing and departure procedures string
CodeNavaidPurposeBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeNavaidPurposeBaseType ENROUTE Intended for en-route usage string
CodeNavaidPurposeBaseType ALL Intended for all usages string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 699 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 698 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 697 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 696 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 695 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 694 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 693 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 692 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 691 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 690 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 689 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 688 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 687 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 686 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 685 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 684 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 683 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 682 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 681 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 680 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 679 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 678 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 677 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 676 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 675 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 674 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 673 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 672 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 671 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 670 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 669 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 668 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 667 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 666 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 665 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 664 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 663 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 662 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 661 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 660 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 659 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 658 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 657 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 656 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 655 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 654 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 653 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 652 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 651 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 650 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 649 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 648 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 647 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 646 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 645 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 644 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 643 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 642 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 641 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 640 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 639 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 638 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 637 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 636 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 635 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 634 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 633 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 632 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 631 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 630 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 629 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 628 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 627 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 626 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 625 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 624 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 623 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 622 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 621 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 620 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 619 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 618 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 617 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 616 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 615 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 614 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 613 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 612 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 611 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 610 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 609 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 608 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 607 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 606 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 605 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 604 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 603 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 602 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 601 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 600 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 599 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 598 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 597 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 596 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 595 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 594 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 593 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 592 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 591 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 590 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 589 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 588 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 587 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 586 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 585 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 584 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 583 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 582 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 581 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 580 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 579 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 578 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 577 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 576 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 575 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 574 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 573 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 572 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 571 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 570 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 569 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 568 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 567 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 566 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 565 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 564 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 563 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 562 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 561 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 560 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 559 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 558 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 557 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 556 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 555 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 554 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 553 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 552 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 551 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 550 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 549 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 548 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 547 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 546 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 545 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 544 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 543 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 542 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 541 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 540 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 539 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 538 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 537 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 536 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 535 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 534 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 533 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 532 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 531 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 530 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 529 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 528 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 527 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 526 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 525 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 524 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 523 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 522 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 521 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 520 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 519 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 518 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 517 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 516 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 515 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 514 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 513 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 512 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 511 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 510 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 509 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 508 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 507 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 506 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 505 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 504 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 503 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 502 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 501 string
CodeMLSChannelBaseType 500 string
CodeMLSAzimuthBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeMLSAzimuthBaseType FWD Forward string
CodeMLSAzimuthBaseType BWD Backward. string
CodeMissedApproachBaseType TACANALT An alternate missed approach to be used instead of TACAN missed approach when directed by ATC. string
CodeMissedApproachBaseType TACAN A missed approach to be used when using TACAN guidance. string
CodeMissedApproachBaseType SECONDARY An alternate missed approach to be used instead of primary. string
CodeMissedApproachBaseType PRIMARY The default missed approach. string
CodeMissedApproachBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeMissedApproachBaseType ENGINEOUT Missed Approach to be used when Engine Out string
CodeMissedApproachBaseType ALTERNATE A missed approach to be used when directed by ATC. string
CodeMinimumHeightBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeMinimumHeightBaseType OCH [ICAO] Obstacle clearance height (OCH). The lowest height above the elevation of the relevant runway threshold or the aerodrome elevation as applicable, used in establishing compliance with appropriate obstacle clearance criteria. string
CodeMinimumHeightBaseType MDH [ICAO] Minimum descent height. A specified height in a nonprecision approach or circling approach below which descent must not be made without the required visual reference. string
CodeMinimumHeightBaseType DH [ICAO] Decision height. A specified height in the precision approach or approach with vertical guidance at which a missed approach must he initiated if the required visual reference to continue the approach has not been established. string
CodeMinimumAltitudeBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeMinimumAltitudeBaseType OCA [ICAO] Obstacle clearance altitude (OCA). The lowest altitude used in establishing compliance with appropriate obstacle clearance criteria. string
CodeMinimumAltitudeBaseType MDA [ICAO] Minimum descent altitude (MDA). A specified altitude in a non-precision approach or circling approach below which descent must not be made without the required visual reference. string
CodeMinimumAltitudeBaseType DA Decision altitude (DA). [FAAO 8260.3] A specified altitude in reference to mean sea level in an approach with vertical guidance at which a missed approach must be initiated if the required visual references to continue the approach have not been established. string
CodeMinimaFinalApproachPathBaseType STRAIGHT_IN Final approach path is straight in to a landing surface (S 9R).</para><para> [FAAO 8260.3] A descent in an approved procedure where the navigation facility alignment is normally on the runway centreline, and glide slope (GS) information is provided. string
CodeMinimaFinalApproachPathBaseType SIDESTEP [FAAO 8260.19] A sidestep manoeuvre is the visual alignment manoeuvre, required by a pilot executing an approach to one runway and cleared to land on a parallel runway. string
CodeMinimaFinalApproachPathBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeMinimaFinalApproachPathBaseType CIRCLING Final approach path is circling above the airport. [ICAO] Circling approach. An extension of an instrument approach procedure which provides for visual circling of the aerodrome prior to landing. string
CodeMilitaryTrainingBaseType VR VFR Training Route string
CodeMilitaryTrainingBaseType SR Slow Speed Low Altitude Training Route string
CodeMilitaryTrainingBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeMilitaryTrainingBaseType IR IFR Training route string
CodeMilitaryStatusBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeMilitaryStatusBaseType MIL Military. string
CodeMilitaryStatusBaseType CIVIL Civil. string
CodeMilitaryStatusBaseType ALL Both civil and military. string
CodeMilitaryRoutePointBaseType X Exit Point (Ending Point) string
CodeMilitaryRoutePointBaseType T Turning Point string
CodeMilitaryRoutePointBaseType S Entry Point (Starting Point) string
CodeMilitaryRoutePointBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeMilitaryRoutePointBaseType AX Alternate Exit Point string
CodeMilitaryRoutePointBaseType ASX Alternate Entry/Exit Point string
CodeMilitaryRoutePointBaseType AS Alternate Entry Point string
CodeMilitaryOperationsBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeMilitaryOperationsBaseType MIL Only Military Air traffic is concerned. string
CodeMilitaryOperationsBaseType JOINT Both Civil and Military air traffic are concerned. string
CodeMilitaryOperationsBaseType CIVIL Only Civil Air traffic is concerned. string
CodeMeteoConditionsBaseType VMC [Visual Meteorological Conditions] Weather conditions in which visual flight rules (VFR) flight is permitted. That is, conditions in which pilots have sufficient visibility to fly the aircraft maintaining visual separation from terrain and other aircraft. string
CodeMeteoConditionsBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeMeteoConditionsBaseType IMC [Instrument Meteorological Conditions] Weather conditions that normally require pilots to fly primarily by reference to instruments, and therefore under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). string
CodeMeteoConditionsBaseType ALL Both IMC and VMC. string
CodeMarkingStyleBaseType SOLID solid line. string
CodeMarkingStyleBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeMarkingStyleBaseType DOTTED Dotted line. string
CodeMarkingStyleBaseType DASHED Dashed line. string
CodeMarkingConditionBaseType POOR Marking is in poor condition. string
CodeMarkingConditionBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeMarkingConditionBaseType GOOD Marking is in good condition. string
CodeMarkingConditionBaseType FAIR Marking is in fair condition. string
CodeMarkingConditionBaseType EXCELLENT Marking is in perfect condition. string
CodeMarkerBeaconSignalBaseType Z Z marker. string
CodeMarkerBeaconSignalBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeMarkerBeaconSignalBaseType LOW_PWR_FAN Low powered fan marker. string
CodeMarkerBeaconSignalBaseType FAN Fan marker. string
CodeMarkerBeaconSignalBaseType BONES Bone Shaped Fan marker. string
CodeLogicalOperatorBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeLogicalOperatorBaseType OR The result is true if any operand is true. string
CodeLogicalOperatorBaseType NOT The result is the opposite of the operands true/false state (it applies to a single operand). string
CodeLogicalOperatorBaseType NONE No operation (used for single conditions). string
CodeLogicalOperatorBaseType AND The result is true only when all operands are true. string
CodeLocationQualifierBaseType XNG Crossing location. string
CodeLocationQualifierBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeLocationQualifierBaseType DEP Departing from location. string
CodeLocationQualifierBaseType AVBL Location is available. string
CodeLocationQualifierBaseType ARR Arriving at location. string
CodeLocationQualifierBaseType ACT Location is active. string
CodeLoadingBridgeBaseType PORTABLE_STAIRS Portable stairs string
CodeLoadingBridgeBaseType PORTABLE_RAMP Portable ramp string
CodeLoadingBridgeBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeLoadingBridgeBaseType MOVABLE_ARM Movable arm string
CodeLoadingBridgeBaseType ARM Arm string
CodeLightSourceBaseType STROBE Strobe light. [note: This indicates that the light source contains a high intensity flashing beam of light produced by charging a capacitor to a very high voltage then discharging it as a high-intensity flash of light in a tube. .] string
CodeLightSourceBaseType OTHER Another type of light source. string
CodeLightSourceBaseType FLOOD Flood light. [note: This indicates that the light source contains a large powerful lamp that produces a strong broad beam of artificial light and is used to illuminate the outside at night. .] string
CodeLightIntensityBaseType PREDETERMINED A predetermined intensity step, in the approach lighting system that takes precedence for air-to-ground radio control over the runway lighting system which is set, based on expected visibility conditions. string
CodeLightIntensityBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeLightIntensityBaseType LIM Light intensity medium. string
CodeLightIntensityBaseType LIL_LIH Low intensity for night use high intensity for day use, as determined by a photo-cell. string
CodeLightIntensityBaseType LIL Light intensity low. string
CodeLightIntensityBaseType LIH Light intensity high. string
CodeLightingJARBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeLightingJARBaseType NALS None or insufficient approach light facilities comprise runway markings, runway edge lights, threshold lights, runway end lights or no lights at all. string
CodeLightingJARBaseType IALS Intermediate approach light facilities comprise runway markings, 420 to 720 m of high/medium intensity approach lights, runway edge lights, threshold lights and runway end lights. string
CodeLightingJARBaseType FALS Full approach light facilities comprise runway markings, 720 m or more of high/medium intensity approach lights, runway edge lights, threshold lights and runway end lights. string
CodeLightingJARBaseType BALS Basic approach light facilities comprise runway markings, less than 420 m of high/medium intensity approach lights (or any length of low intensity approach lights), runway edge lights, threshold lights and runway end lights. string
CodeLightHoldingPositionBaseType STOP_BAR Stop-bar (on the surface of the taxiway). string
CodeLightHoldingPositionBaseType SIGN Lighted sign on the side of the holding position. string
CodeLightHoldingPositionBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeLevelTableDesignatorBaseType VFR_RVSM ICAO VFR in areas with RVSM. string
CodeLevelTableDesignatorBaseType VFR_METRES_RVSM ICAO VFR in meters in areas with RVSM. string
CodeLevelTableDesignatorBaseType VFR_METRES ICAO VFR in meters string
CodeLevelTableDesignatorBaseType VFR ICAO VFR string
CodeLevelTableDesignatorBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeLevelTableDesignatorBaseType IFR_RVSM ICAO IFR in areas with RVSM string
CodeLevelTableDesignatorBaseType IFR_METRES_RVSM ICAO IFR in meters in areas with RVSM string
CodeLevelTableDesignatorBaseType IFR_METRES ICAO IFR in meters. string
CodeLevelTableDesignatorBaseType IFR ICAO IFR string
CodeLevelSeriesBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeLevelSeriesBaseType ODD_HALF Intermediate flight levels, above odd levels (15, 35, 55, 75, ...) string
CodeLevelSeriesBaseType ODD Odd flight levels (10, 30, 50, 70, ...) string
CodeLevelSeriesBaseType EVEN_HALF Intermediate flight levels, above even levels (5, 25, 45, 65, ...) string
CodeLevelSeriesBaseType EVEN Even flight levels (20, 40, 60, 80, ...) string
CodeLevelBaseType UPPER Upper airspace. string
CodeLevelBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeLevelBaseType LOWER Lower airspace. string
CodeLevelBaseType BOTH Both upper and lower airspace. string
CodeIntensityStandByBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeIntensityStandByBaseType OFF Off string
CodeIntensityStandByBaseType LOW Low string
CodeIntegrityLevelILSBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeIntegrityLevelILSBaseType 4 Integrity Level 4. string
CodeIntegrityLevelILSBaseType 3 Integrity Level 3. string
CodeIntegrityLevelILSBaseType 2 Integrity Level 2. string
CodeIntegrityLevelILSBaseType 1 Integrity Level 1. string
CodeILSBackCourseBaseType YES Yes. string
CodeILSBackCourseBaseType RSTR Restricted. string
CodeILSBackCourseBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeILSBackCourseBaseType NO No. string
CodeHoldingUseBaseType PT The holding pattern is used as a procedure turn. (Commonly referred to as Holding in Lieu of Procedure Turn.) string
CodeHoldingUseBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeHoldingUseBaseType MISSED_APPROACH Missed Approach Holding. A holding pattern provided at the end of the missed approach string
CodeHoldingUseBaseType CLIMB A holding pattern used in conjunction with climb and hold instructions. string
CodeHoldingUseBaseType ATC A holding pattern defined specifically for ATC use. string
CodeHoldingUseBaseType ARRIVAL Arrival holding. A holding pattern provided at any Initial Approach Fix (IAF) and should be aligned with the initial segment track. string
CodeHoldingUsageBaseType TER Terminal area holding. string
CodeHoldingUsageBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeHoldingUsageBaseType ENR En-route holding. string
CodeHoldingCategoryBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeHoldingCategoryBaseType NON_PRECISION Non precision approaches. string
CodeHoldingCategoryBaseType CAT_II_III Precision approaches cat II/III. string
CodeHoldingCategoryBaseType CAT_I Precision approaches cat I. string
CodeHelicopterPerformanceBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeHelicopterPerformanceBaseType 3 Helicopter class 3. string
CodeHelicopterPerformanceBaseType 2 Helicopter class 2. string
CodeHelicopterPerformanceBaseType 1 Helicopter class 1. string
CodeHeightReferenceBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeHeightReferenceBaseType HAT Height above threshold. string
CodeHeightReferenceBaseType HAS Height above surface (for a point in space). string
CodeHeightReferenceBaseType HAL Height above landing (for helicopters). string
CodeHeightReferenceBaseType HAA Height above airport. string
CodeGuidanceLineBaseType TWY Taxi line on a taxiway surface, leading between the taxiway and other airport surfaces. string
CodeGuidanceLineBaseType RWY Taxi line on a runway surface, leading between the runway and other airport surfaces. string
CodeGuidanceLineBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeGuidanceLineBaseType LO_TLANE Lead-out taxi line. string
CodeGuidanceLineBaseType LI_TLANE Lead-in taxi line. string
CodeGuidanceLineBaseType GATE_TLANE Taxi line on the apron surface, leading to a gate/stand. string
CodeGuidanceLineBaseType APRON Taxi line on the apron surface. string
CodeGuidanceLineBaseType AIR_TLANE A virtual taxi line in the air, used by helicopters. string
CodeGroundLightingBaseType TWR_BCN Control tower signalling beacon string
CodeGroundLightingBaseType RSP_BCN Responder Beacon string
CodeGroundLightingBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeGroundLightingBaseType MAR_BCN Marine Beacon string
CodeGroundLightingBaseType IBN Identification Beacon string
CodeGroundLightingBaseType HEL_BCN Heliport Beacon string
CodeGroundLightingBaseType HAZ_BCN An aeronautical beacon used to designate a danger to air navigation. string
CodeGroundLightingBaseType BCN Beacon string
CodeGroundLightingBaseType ABN Airport Beacon string
CodeGradeSeparationBaseType UNDERPASS The current element is in a tunnel below another element. string
CodeGradeSeparationBaseType OVERPASS The current element is on a bridge above another element. string
CodeGradeSeparationBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeGeoBorderBaseType WATER Territorial waters limit. string
CodeGeoBorderBaseType STATE State border. string
CodeGeoBorderBaseType RIVER River centreline. string
CodeGeoBorderBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeGeoBorderBaseType COAST Coastline. string
CodeGeoBorderBaseType BANK River bank. string
CodeFuelBaseType TS1 TS-1 [(Russia) jet TS-1 aviation fuel.] string
CodeFuelBaseType TR4 TR4 [(France) jet TR4 aviation fuel.] string
CodeFuelBaseType TR0 TR0 [(France) jet TR0 aviation fuel.] string
CodeFuelBaseType RT RT [(Russia) jet RT aviation fuel.] string
CodeFuelBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeFuelBaseType OCT91_98 OCT91-98 [Octane 91-98 aviation gasoline.] string
CodeFuelBaseType OCT82UL OCT82UL [Octane 82 low-octane unleaded aviation gasoline.] string
CodeFuelBaseType OCT80_87 OCT80-87 [Octane 80-87 aviation gasoline.] string
CodeFuelBaseType OCT115_145 OCT115-145 [Octane 115-145 aviation gasoline.] string
CodeFuelBaseType OCT108_135 OCT108-135 [Octane 108-135 aviation gasoline.] string
CodeFuelBaseType OCT100_130 OCT100-130 [Octane 100-130 aviation gasoline.] string
CodeFuelBaseType MOGAS MOGAS [MOGAS aviation gasoline.] string
CodeFuelBaseType JPTS Jet JP fuel with higher thermal stability. string
CodeFuelBaseType JP9 Jet JP-9 aviation fuel - missiles. string
CodeFuelBaseType JP8_HIGHER Jet JP-8 with higher thermal stability. string
CodeFuelBaseType JP8 Jet JP-8 aviation fuel. string
CodeFuelBaseType JP7 Jet JP-7 aviation fuel. string
CodeFuelBaseType JP6 Jet JP-6 aviation fuel. string
CodeFuelBaseType JP5 Jet JP-5 aviation fuel. string
CodeFuelBaseType JP4 Jet JP-4 aviation fuel. string
CodeFuelBaseType JP3 Jet JP-3 aviation fuel. string
CodeFuelBaseType JP2 Jet JP-2 aviation fuel. string
CodeFuelBaseType JP10 Jet JP-10 aviation fuel - missiles. string
CodeFuelBaseType JP1 Jet JP-1 aviation fuel. string
CodeFuelBaseType JET Jet aviation fuel. string
CodeFuelBaseType F44 F-44 [(NATO) jet aviation fuel with FSII - equivalent JP-5.] string
CodeFuelBaseType F40 F-40 [(NATO) jet aviation fuel with FSII - equivalent JP-4.] string
CodeFuelBaseType F35 F-35 [(NATO) jet aviation fuel - equivalent JET A-1.] string
CodeFuelBaseType F34 F-34 [(NATO) jet aviation fuel with FSII - equivalent JP-8.] string
CodeFuelBaseType F18 F-18 [(NATO) aviation gasoline (low lead) - equivalent AVGAS 100LL.] string
CodeFuelBaseType B Jet B aviation fuel. string
CodeFuelBaseType AVGAS_LL AVGAS-LL [Octane 100 Low Lead aviation gasoline.] string
CodeFuelBaseType AVGAS AVGAS [Octane 100 aviation gasoline.] string
CodeFuelBaseType ALL ALL [All regular fuel types.] string
CodeFuelBaseType A1_PLUS Jet A1-plus FSII aviation fuel. string
CodeFuelBaseType A1 Jet A1 aviation fuel. string
CodeFuelBaseType A Jet A Aviation fuel. string
CodeFuelBaseType 1980-10-01 00:00:00 OCT80 [Octane 80 aviation gasoline.] string
CodeFuelBaseType 1973-10-01 00:00:00 OCT73 [Octane 73 aviation gasoline.] string
CodeFrictionEstimateBaseType UNRELIABLE The surface conditions or available friction measuring device do not permit a reliable surface friction measurement to be made. string
CodeFrictionEstimateBaseType POOR Poor. string
CodeFrictionEstimateBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeFrictionEstimateBaseType MEDIUM_POOR Medium to poor. string
CodeFrictionEstimateBaseType MEDIUM_GOOD Medium to good. string
CodeFrictionEstimateBaseType MEDIUM Medium. string
CodeFrictionEstimateBaseType GOOD Good. string
CodeFrictionDeviceBaseType TAP Tapley meter. string
CodeFrictionDeviceBaseType SKL Skiddometer (low-pressure tire). string
CodeFrictionDeviceBaseType SKH Skiddometer (high-pressure tire). string
CodeFrictionDeviceBaseType SFL Surface friction tester (low-pressure tire). string
CodeFrictionDeviceBaseType SFH Surface friction tester (high-pressure tire). string
CodeFrictionDeviceBaseType RFT Runway friction tester. string
CodeFrictionDeviceBaseType OTHER Other friction device. string
CodeFrictionDeviceBaseType MUM Mu-meter. string
CodeFrictionDeviceBaseType GRT Grip tester. string
CodeFrictionDeviceBaseType BRD Brakemeter-Dynometer. string
CodeFreeFlightBaseType PITCH The free flight PITCH point indicating the start of free flight. string
CodeFreeFlightBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeFreeFlightBaseType CATCH Free flight CATCH point indicating the end of free flight. string
CodeFlowConditionOperationBaseType SEQ 1st condition is fulfilled BEFORE 2nd condition is fulfilled. string
CodeFlowConditionOperationBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeFlowConditionOperationBaseType OR 1st condition fulfilled OR 2nd condition fulfilled. string
CodeFlowConditionOperationBaseType NONE No operation (used for flows identified by a single condition). string
CodeFlowConditionOperationBaseType ANDNOT 1st condition fulfilled AND 2nd condition NOT fulfilled. string
CodeFlowConditionOperationBaseType AND 1st condition fulfilled AND 2nd condition fulfilled. string
CodeFlightStatusBaseType STATE State aircraft. (Other than head of state). string
CodeFlightStatusBaseType SAR Search and rescue. string
CodeFlightStatusBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeFlightStatusBaseType HUM Humanitarian flight. string
CodeFlightStatusBaseType HOSP Hospital flight. string
CodeFlightStatusBaseType HEAD Head of state. string
CodeFlightStatusBaseType EMERGENCY The aircraft has declared an emergency situation. string
CodeFlightStatusBaseType ALL All aircraft types. string
CodeFlightRuleBaseType VFR Visual flight rules (VFR) string
CodeFlightRuleBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeFlightRuleBaseType IFR Instrument flight rules (IFR) string
CodeFlightRuleBaseType ALL Both IFR and VFR. string
CodeFlightRestrictionBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeFlightRestrictionBaseType MANDATORY Mandatory. string
CodeFlightRestrictionBaseType FORBID Forbidden string
CodeFlightRestrictionBaseType CLSD Closed for cruising. [note: It is allowed to climb or descend through the levels associated with the restriction but it is not allowed to fly straight and level on the said levels, in any part of the route. .] string
CodeFlightRestrictionBaseType ALLOWED Flight that comply with the condition are explicitly permitted to use the associated routings, even if other more general flight restrictions forbid the routings (for the same flight conditions). string
CodeFlightPurposeBaseType SCHEDULED A commercial flight (carrying passenger or cargo for a pay) that takes place in accordance with an airlines published regular timetable, as opposed to a charter flight or special flight. string
CodeFlightPurposeBaseType PRIVATE A flight executed for the benefit of the aircraft owner and not for commercial purpose. string
CodeFlightPurposeBaseType PARTICIPANT Aircraft participating in a specified activity. string
CodeFlightPurposeBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeFlightPurposeBaseType NON_SCHEDULED A commercial charter or special flight executed by an airline, not published in a regular timetable. string
CodeFlightPurposeBaseType ALL All flight purpose. string
CodeFlightPurposeBaseType AIR_WORK Operations in which an aircraft is used for specialized services. string
CodeFlightPurposeBaseType AIR_TRAINING A flight executed in order to develop or test the flying skills of the crew on board the aircraft. string
CodeFlightOriginBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeFlightOriginBaseType NTL National string
CodeFlightOriginBaseType INTL International. string
CodeFlightOriginBaseType HOME_BASED The flight is operated with an aircraft currently stationed at the airport in question. string
CodeFlightOriginBaseType ALL Any origin. string
CodeFlightDestinationBaseType OVERFLY Overflying flights. string
CodeFlightDestinationBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeFlightDestinationBaseType DEP Departing flights. string
CodeFlightDestinationBaseType ARR Arrival flights. string
CodeFlightDestinationBaseType ALL All types (arrival, departure and overflying). string
CodeFlightBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeFlightBaseType OAT Operational air traffic. string
CodeFlightBaseType GAT General air traffic. string
CodeFlightBaseType ALL Both Operational and General Air Traffic. string
CodeFireFightingBaseType OTHER OTHER [Other rescue and fire fighting category.] string
CodeFireFightingBaseType H3 H3 [(Helicopter) rescue and fire category 3..] [note: (ICAO) From 24m up to but not including 35m in length. .] string
CodeFireFightingBaseType H2 H2 [(Helicopter) rescue and fire category 2..] [note: (ICAO) From 15m up to but not including 24m in length. .] string
CodeFireFightingBaseType H1 H1 [(Helicopter) rescue and fire category 1..] [note: (ICAO) Up to but not including 15m in length. .] string
CodeFireFightingBaseType A9 A9 [(Aircraft) rescue and fire category 9..] [note: (ICAO, NATO) 61m up to but not including 76m over-all length and 7m maximum fuselage width. .] string
CodeFireFightingBaseType A8 A8 [(Aircraft) rescue and fire category 8..] [note: (ICAO, NATO) 49m up to but not including 61m over-all length and 7m maximum fuselage width. .] string
CodeFireFightingBaseType A7 A7 [(Aircraft) rescue and fire category 7..] [note: (ICAO, NATO) 39m up to but not including 49m over-all length and 5m maximum fuselage width. .] string
CodeFireFightingBaseType A6 A6 [(Aircraft) rescue and fire category 6..] [note: (ICAO, NATO) 28m up to but not including 39m over-all length and 5m maximum fuselage width. .] string
CodeFireFightingBaseType A5 A5 [(Aircraft) rescue and fire category 5..] [note: (ICAO, NATO) 24m up to but not including 28m over-all length and 4m maximum fuselage width. .] string
CodeFireFightingBaseType A4 A4 [(Aircraft) rescue and fire category 4..] [note: (ICAO, NATO) 18m up to but not including 24m over-all length and 4m maximum fuselage width. .] string
CodeFireFightingBaseType A3 A3 [(Aircraft) rescue and fire category 3..] [note: (ICAO, NATO) 12m up to but not including 18m over-all length and 3m maximum fuselage width. .] string
CodeFireFightingBaseType A2 A2 [(Aircraft) rescue and fire category 2..] [note: (ICAO, NATO) 9m up to but not including 12m over-all length and 2m maximum fuselage width. .] string
CodeFireFightingBaseType A10 A10 [(Aircraft) rescue and fire category 10.] [note: 76m up to but not including 91m over-all length and 8m maximum fuselage width. .] string
CodeFireFightingBaseType A1 A1 [(Aircraft) rescue and fire category 1..] [note: (ICAO, NATO) 0 up to but not including 9m over-all length and 2m maximum fuselage width. .] string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType VORTAC VHF Omnidirectional Radio with UHF Tactical Air Navigation beacon string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType VOR_DME VHF Omnidirectional Radio with Distance Measuring Equipment. string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType VOR VHF Omnidirectional Radio string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType TLS Transponder Landing System. string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType TACAN UHF Tactical Air Navigation beacon string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType SDF Simplified Directional Facility. string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType PAR Precision Approach Radar string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType NDB_DME Non-Directional Beacon with Distance Measuring Equipment. string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType NDB Non-Directional Beacon string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType MLS_DME Microwave Landing System with Distance Measuring Equipment. string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType MLS Microwave Landing System. string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType LPV An LPV approach is classified as an APV procedure based on the lateral OCS dimensions of the precision approach trapezoid, with vertical guidance provided by the WAAS where the VAL is greater than 12 and less than or equal to 50 meters. These procedures are published on RNAV Global Positioning System (GPS) approach charts as the LPV minima line. string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType LP A Localizer Performance (LP) approach is an RNAV non-vertically guided approach procedure evaluated using the lateral obstacle evaluation area dimensions of the precision localizer trapezoid, with adjustments specific to the WAAS. These procedures are published on RNAV GPS approaches as the LP minima line. string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType LOC_DME_BC Localizer with Distance Measuring Equipment Back Course. string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType LOC_DME Localizer with Distance Measuring Equipment. string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType LOC_BC Localizer Back Course. string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType LOC Localizer. string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType LNAV_VNAV Lateral navigation/Vertical navigation string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType LNAV Lateral navigation (LNAV) . The lateral navigation without positive vertical guidance. This type of navigation is associated with nonprecision approach procedures. string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType LDA_DME Localizer Type Directional Aid with Distance Measuring Equipment. string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType LDA Localizer Type Directional Aid string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType ILS_PRM Instrument landing system using a Precision runway monitor string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType ILS_DME Instrument landing system with Direction measuring equipment string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType ILS Instrument landing system (ILS) string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType GLS Global Landing System. LAAS support. string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType DME Distance Measuring Equipment. string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType ASR Airport surveillance radar (ASR) string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType ARSR Air Route Surveillance Radar string
CodeFinalGuidanceBaseType ARA Airborne radar approach (ARA) string
CodeFacilityRankingBaseType SECONDARY Secondary string
CodeFacilityRankingBaseType PRIMARY Primary. string
CodeFacilityRankingBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeFacilityRankingBaseType GUARD Guarding string
CodeFacilityRankingBaseType EMERG Emergency string
CodeFacilityRankingBaseType ALTERNATE Alternate string
CodeEquipmentUnavailableBaseType STANDARD Standard string
CodeEquipmentUnavailableBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeEquipmentUnavailableBaseType NONSTANDARD Non standard string
CodeEquipmentAntiCollisionBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeEquipmentAntiCollisionBaseType GPWS Ground proximity warning system. string
CodeEquipmentAntiCollisionBaseType ACAS_II Airborne Collision Avoidance System - version II, implemented as Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) II version 7. string
CodeEquipmentAntiCollisionBaseType ACAS_I Airborne Collision Avoidance System - version I, implemented as Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) I. string
CodeEmissionBandBaseType U Ultra high frequency string
CodeEmissionBandBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeEmissionBandBaseType M Medium frequency string
CodeEmissionBandBaseType H High frequency string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 9Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 9X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 99Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 99Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 99X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 98Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 98Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 98X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 97Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 97Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 97X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 96Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 96Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 96X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 95Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 95Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 95X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 94Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 94Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 94X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 93Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 93Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 93X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 92Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 92Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 92X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 91Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 91Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 91X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 90Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 90Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 90X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 8Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 8X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 89Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 89Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 89X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 88Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 88Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 88X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 87Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 87Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 87X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 86Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 86Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 86X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 85Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 85Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 85X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 84Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 84Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 84X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 83Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 83Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 83X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 82Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 82Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 82X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 81Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 81Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 81X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 80Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 80Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 80X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 7Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 7X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 79Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 79X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 78Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 78X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 77Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 77X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 76Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 76X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 75Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 75X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 74Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 74X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 73Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 73X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 72Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 72X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 71Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 71X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 70Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 70X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 6Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 6X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 69Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 69X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 68Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 68X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 67Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 67X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 66Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 66X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 65Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 65X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 64Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 64X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 63Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 63X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 62Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 62X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 61Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 61X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 60Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 60X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 5Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 5X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 59Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 59X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 58Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 58X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 57Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 57X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 56Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 56Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 56X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 56W string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 55Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 55Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 55X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 54Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 54Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 54X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 54W string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 53Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 53Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 53X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 52Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 52Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 52X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 52W string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 51Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 51Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 51X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 50Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 50Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 50X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 50W string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 4Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 4X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 49Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 49Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 49X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 48Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 48Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 48X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 48W string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 47Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 47Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 47X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 46Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 46Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 46X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 46W string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 45Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 45Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 45X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 44Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 44Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 44X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 44W string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 43Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 43Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 43X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 42Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 42Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 42X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 42W string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 41Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 41Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 41X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 40Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 40Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 40X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 40W string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 3Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 3X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 39Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 39Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 39X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 38Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 38Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 38X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 38W string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 37Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 37Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 37X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 36Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 36Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 36X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 36W string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 35Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 35Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 35X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 34Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 34Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 34X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 34W string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 33Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 33Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 33X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 32Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 32Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 32X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 32W string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 31Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 31Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 31X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 30Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 30Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 30X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 30W string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 2Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 2X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 29Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 29Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 29X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 28Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 28Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 28X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 28W string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 27Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 27Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 27X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 26Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 26Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 26X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 26W string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 25Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 25Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 25X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 24Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 24Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 24X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 24W string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 23Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 23Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 23X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 22Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 22Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 22X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 22W string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 21Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 21Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 21X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 20Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 20Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 20X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 20W string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 1Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 1X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 19Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 19Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 19X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 18Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 18Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 18X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 18W string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 17Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 17Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 17X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 16Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 16X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 15Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 15X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 14Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 14X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 13Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 13X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 12Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 12X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 126Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 126X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 125Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 125X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 124Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 124X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 123Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 123X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 122Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 122X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 121Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 121X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 120Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 120X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 11Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 11X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 119Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 119Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 119X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 118Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 118Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 118X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 117Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 117Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 117X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 116Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 116Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 116X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 115Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 115Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 115X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 114Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 114Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 114X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 113Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 113Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 113X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 112Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 112Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 112X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 111Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 111Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 111X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 110Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 110Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 110X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 10Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 10X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 109Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 109Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 109X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 108Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 108Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 108X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 107Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 107Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 107X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 106Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 106Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 106X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 105Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 105Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 105X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 104Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 104Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 104X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 103Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 103Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 103X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 102Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 102Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 102X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 101Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 101Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 101X string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 100Z string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 100Y string
CodeDMEChannelBaseType 100X string
CodeDMEBaseType WIDE DME/W, wide spectrum characteristics. string
CodeDMEBaseType PRECISION DME/P, improved accuracy compared to DME/N string
CodeDMEBaseType OTHER Other. string
CodeDMEBaseType NARROW DME/N, narrow spectrum characteristics. string
CodeDistanceIndicationBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeDistanceIndicationBaseType GEODETIC Distance calculated using geodetic calculations. string
CodeDistanceIndicationBaseType DME Distance provided by DME indication. string
CodeDirectionTurnBaseType RIGHT Right. string
CodeDirectionTurnBaseType OTHER Other string
CodeDirectionTurnBaseType LEFT Left. string
CodeDirectionTurnBaseType EITHER Either left or right. string
CodeDirectionReferenceBaseType TO Towards the reference point. string